Monday, February 8, 2010

Mina gets her toy back

This is Mina's round-a-bout way of getting her toy back. It's very effective, though requires a long investment time. If you discover my voice is annoying, mute it (I meant to add music, but it seemed silly and then I forgot and there you have it).

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Anonymous said...

Celeste is wise in the way of the 'snatch and run'. Quizz will flaunt his bone, chew, toy, stuffie, whatever he has in front of his Maddie. Maddie will sit there looking 'poor pity me', until 'WHAM!' She flies into action snatching the toy and running like lightning for the door. Maddie is twice the size of Quizz and can run twice as fast. But Quizz is wise to the Maddie and waits for her to make a mistake and the chase is on. It gets a little much when it's inside. Grandma is never pleased. But outside it's hysterical!