Saturday, February 20, 2010

Humane Society of San Bernardino

I wrote about how the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley has been killing thousands of animals each year without public knowledge.

There's a new blog collecting information about the shelter. You can find the other blog in the comments at my previous entry. I am not affiliated with this blog. People with information regarding HSSBV call Press-Enterprise reporter Mark Muckenfuss at 951-368-9595 or email him at

I still want to know which rescues and shelter sent their animals to HSSBV for killing. I find that just as offensive as the secretive killing HSSBV performed.

ETA: Hey adults, let's play nice.


Luisa said...

I ran across that blog the other day, and am so sorry to see it getting any attention.

The blog seems to exist for the purpose of attacking one person. [For the record, the person under attack is someone I've never met nor heard of before.] The blog accuses this person of being responsible for the killing [and confiscating and torture] of 10,000 animals HSSBV has killed after hours each year.

The blog might be the work of a hoarder with a grudge against HSSBV cruelty investigators. It might be the work of someone trying to deflect attention from the fact that [as you pointed out, and as a former HSSBV vet is on record as stating] "truckloads of healthy, young, well-adapted puppies, dogs and cats [were brought] in after hours by so-called 'no kill' shelters and 'no kill' rescues, only to be killed." It might be the work of a disgruntled dog breeder. [I've heard a few badmouth the HSSBV because of its fiercely pro-MSM stance. San Berdoo has a speuter-everything-by-4-months law.] It might be the work of an angry ex-friend or partner.

We don't know.

Nobody loves courageous whistleblowers [or the intertubes, or shelter animals, for that matter] more than I do, but I can't stand that blog's brand of cowardly, anonymous crap. The blog in question serves no purpose other than rumor- and hate-mongering. If the person under attack ends up at risk because of the anonymous blogger's behavior [and far weirder things have happened in SoCal], I hope said blogger is outed, sued and jailed.

Got related information you think is important? Call Press-Enterprise reporter Mark Muckenfuss at 951-368-9595 or email him at I've talked to the man. He's a good and, well, dogged reporter. If you believe laws have been broken, call the cops. I'd hate for anyone to waste time lending credibility to an anonymous hate site.

Rinalia said...

@Luisa: I tend to agree with you. I'll take out the link (people can use their google-fu to find it if they want) and added the contact info of the reporter.

Luisa said...

Whoa... I got a tad worked up, there [takes yoga breaths].

Thanks for editing the post and adding Mark M.'s contact info. If only I could do something like a Freedom of Information Act request...

PetRescuerHawk007 said...

Dear Luisa:
Are you a total NUT? I have personally spoken to several people who were victimized by this PERSON. Every word of this is absolutely true.
What on Earth are you thinking woman? Anyone who loves Pit Bulls should at lease investigate, before attacking this blog, or any other site trying to warn people about people like this woman, and the Humane Society of San Bernardino as well.
The people making these killings public knowledge have been getting calls for years about this happening. Some of them were even victimized there self by these people.
I know of several people I know who nearly fell for the tricks these killers use to get more animals to kill.
One legitimate Pet Rescuer even had some dogs taken from a foster home by someone who claimed they had been sent by the rescue person. By the time the animals being missing was discovered, they had already been killed. These dogs had already been spayed or neutered, and vaccinated, and were to be taken to an Adoption Show that weekend.
I have received telephone calls from people who were about to release animals to this person, Lynn Hildebrand, and they were so impressed with her apparent kindness, they were nearly fooled. The only thing that saved a dog and her puppies, was that the woman actually read the release form before signing it.
After being told that this woman was NO-Kill, and that every animal she takes in gets a home, the release form stated, "the animal may be euthanized."
When these people changed their minds, and refused to release the dog and her pups, Lynn Hildebrand flew into a rage and changed from Dr. Jeckle, into Ms Hyde. The people left as fast as they could, taking the dogs with them.
I am as much for spay and neuter as anyone, but wholesale killing of animals without even an attempt to find the legal owners, is not legal, and is a crime.
Taking animals and donations under false pretenses, and killing them within hours is also not legal.
Anymore of you killers who want to have a say? You have been laughing at your victims and people who were trying to help for years. Now, maybe you will get your just deserts.

PetRescuerHawk007 said...

if you were after these killers as long as many people who really love animals, you would also be concerned for your own safety. Not everyone carries around a gun for self protection, ya know?
Some of the killers know their enemies, and others may not. They have been protected much too long, and allowed to go on killing thousands and thousands of animals.
I seriously question your being a legitimate Pit Bull Rescuer. As many Legitimate Pet Rescuers know, Pit Bulls have been bad-mouthed for decades, as well.
Don't you understand that these people kill everything that is even trucked in from several other Southern California counties? It would be bad enough if they were killing only animals from San Bernardino County. But, for them to import even from out of area, animals that most assuredly not all strays, or feral animals, is not reprehensible, but also illegal. Owners of lost animals search for their lost pets for months or even years.
To many people, ytheir pets are their family, not just property.

larry said...


You are pit bull rescuers? Aren’t pit bulls being killed like flies everywhere? How could you try to hurt someone trying to save lives?

YOU are the ones making defamatory attacks and name-calling. Why? I guess it's easy to see why few get involved to stop animal abuse. They might get attacked by people like you.

At least the bloggers are trying to DO SOMETHING.

I'm scratching my head trying to understand you. You accept the reporter but you attack the blog saying the same thing but adding pretty important facts like WHO to watch out for and WHO not give your pets to. IMHO the paper left out the most important facts that would help stop what is going on and save lives. And you want to send people there?

Reporters are more likely to protect their paper first and then their sources. They are not going to give that up to the cops and take up a cause. Especially since former employees I know went to the same paper years ago and they did nothing. Thousands of animals have died since (800 x 12). Sending people back to that paper is probably hurting efforts to help the animals immediately.

You have lost all credibility.

Rinalia said...

@PetRescuerHawk007: If you wish to leave the link to the blog in the comment section of this entry, please do so (it's still in the comment section of the original entry).

A reminder: This is not your personal blog. This is not your soap box to spew vituperative language and ad hominem attacks. If you wish to discuss this issue, great. If you wish to debate it heatedly, fine. But I will not serve as an outpost for offensive belittling because of a disagreement.

@larry: No one is being hurt. I have not called upon anyone to start casting real, live stones. I want answers about who is sending these animals to HSSBV and why HSSBV is killing them. If it's true that this woman is responsible, I'll gladly verbally lambast her.

*I* never attacked the blog, except to agree that it was a personal blog geared at smearing the name (good or bad) of one individual without asking other questions like which shelters sent the animals to HSSBV and which employees - WITH VERIFICATION - killed those animals. I want accountability, but not because some people have a personal grudge. But because many people have come together, gathered evidence, and provided data on EVERYONE'S transgressions.

If you have other suggestions on who people can contact besides the reporter, share them. Like I said to PetRescuerHawk007, this is not your personal blog and I'll only tolerate personal attacks for so long (which isn't long, btw). Please keep that in mind.

Luisa said...

I rest my case ;~)

carl said...

Heard about this little site from others who are FURIOUS.

Interesting you "won't tolerate personal attacks", except you print that these HEROES could be "hoarders" and "criminals". And from what Luisa says, that was the edited version? WHAT?

These are the first people in 20 years willing to try to stop all the killing! Many people knew this was going on and who was doing it and stayed quiet. It is TRUE!

Why say you want to know who is doing the killing. You don't want to know, obviously. You'd rather type away your one-sided attacks on the messengers. You call them cowards, uh huh, it is the reverse.

Nothing burns me up then seeing your bashing. THAT is what I call criminal. UGH! And you say 'let's be adults'? And YOU are one? Guess you don't like being called on your words. If you don't like attacks I'd recommend you remove YOURS.

You and Luisa should be joining in but reading here tells me it would be much better if you would just please keep quiet and please get out of the way.

Rinalia said...


If you can point out a personal attack from ME, go for it.

Here is my suggestion: If you do not like my entries here, please ignore them and me. It's no skin off your back or mine.

Liz said...

Luisa, I think you ARE Rinalia--

I give you credit for publishing contrary opinions BUT

You want the good guys to go to jail. Since the truth hurts you so much, have to ask. Have YOU brought any animals over there? Otherwise your rant makes no sense to me.

You said you have friends there. If so many people knew about all this, how come your friends didn't?

Too bad your getting so much attention for such poor behavior.

Just want to add my boooooooh.

PetRescuerHawk007 said...

Haven't you and Luisa ever wondered how the Press Enterprise could print such an article, including admissions by Sue Dawson, who basically runs HSSBV, and even admits they have been killing an average of 800 animals per month, just during the year 2009, with 500 per month 'after business hours?'
There were also two former veterinarians who questioned this practice, and were fired for their caring and rightful concern. As Vets, just as M.Ds they take an oath, to "First, Do No Harm."
Isn't it harmful to kill animals that rightfully belonged to someone else, or to lie to gullible people who entrust their animals to someone being under the misconception the animal will get a new loving "forever home?" I suppose these people think the "Forever Homes" are being dead forever.
If the article in the Press Enterprise were false, don't you think there would be huge law suits against the paper, as well as the writer?
Be logical, this story is finally getting the truth out to the unknowing public, as well as many Legitimate Pet Rescuers, couldn't believe such things happen.
Well, I had a problem believing it when I first heard about this about 9 or 10 years ago. I have since discovered, every work and worse is happening.
It's time to pay the price, and 'fess up.

Rinalia said...

@PetRescuerHawk007: I think you misunderstand. I think HSSBV is in the wrong here, on many levels. I happen to think it was more than one person responsible, but hey, what do I know? I'm just some person on the internets far away from HSSBV and its politics. I don't believe I've said anything here to indicate I think HSSBV is innocent. I have linked to the original entry which has the link to the other blog. Is that not sufficient? Do I need to blindly support this person's blog b/c it has irked people who NEVER read my freaking blog anyway?

@Liz: You're funny! Any exploration of my blog and Luisa's would lead any logical person to the conclusion that we are not the same person. But hey, thanks for the chuckle!

PetRescuerHawk007 said...

Dear Rinalia, I'm glad you finally say outright that you have no personal knowledge of this thing.
It has been a very serious problem for at least two decades in So. Cal.
Any time any of these people are sued, they always claim to have had their intake paper work stolen or some such thing.
They all seem to use the same lawyer, too. Some connection? Duh...
In 2007, a Fake Rescue Group calling themselves; Concerned Animal Lovers was sued for killing a man's 4 cats. Even though the woman in charge, Cathy Casella, was using an alias for 20 years, calling herself Carol Roberts, and also said her papers were stolen out of her garage.
Who on earth would steal useless papers? If one of her victims or enemies took them, wouldn't you think they would have taken them to the Police, or court or someplace they would be helpful?
Very few of the victims have even been asked to sign anything. No one I have spoken to has ever got anything to prove they ever gave an animal to any or these people.
These people have non-profit status, and are not only defrauding people out of their animals, but their money, as well.
Most of the Legitimate rescue people I know just want these people to stop lying about what they will do with the animals turned in to them, and what they will use donations for, as well.
We are not blind to the pet overpopulation problem at all.
These people are unscrupulous, and liars, at best. Pet murderers at least. What they do is not only morally criminal, but legally criminal, too.
It's finally gotten so that people, from the public to Legitimate Rescuers are not sure who they can trust. That is not good for any Pet Adoption Group, or the animals.

S. said...

Unfortunately evertything I read on the blog about HSSBV is true. Finally someone who is willing to do something about the nonsense killing of perfectly, helpless, kind and loving cats and dogs who handed up in the wrong hands. These women have lost the love for animals that animals deserve. They look at them as extra baggage and think that they are better dead then alive. How dare they make that assumption. If the cats and dogs could talk, what do you think they would tell you - "Sure, kill me, if you can't find a good home". NO. I DON'T THINK SO. THEY WOULD SAY: PLEASE TRY A LITTLE HARDER AND FIND ME A GOOD HOME.
Guess what, you killers out there - A GOOD HOME CAN ALWAYS BE FOUND, IT JUST TAKES TIME - AND TIME NEVER RUNS OUT, THERE IS ALWAYS TIME. So, you killers, remember that what you have done to these innocent creatures, that were put into your hands to love and protect, is something that you will NEVER BE ABLE TO FORGET AND IT CAN NEVER BE FORGIVEN. IT WILL HUNT YOU UNTIL YOU GO CRAZY. I hope that you go crazy soon, because we don't need anymore HITLER's in San Bernardino or anywhere else.

You are a bunch of barbaric women, that need to be put away and you should never be allowed to ever touch a beautiful, loving, creature, such as a cat or dog.

PetRescuerHawk007 said...

Dear S...
Thanks for your comments. There are really more of us than there are of them. They hide behind false names, and false reputations, as well. Someone needed to get this done at least twenty or thirty years ago.
Just think about how many sweet loving creatures have been wiped from the face of the earth.
If these people don't pay now, they will have to pay later. Killing wonderful living things, is a horrible thing to do.

Alexis said...

This was another another blog.

Apparently the HS did reply.

Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley: Response to P-E Article
By Barbara McLean on February 9, 2010 10:40 AM | Permalink
Today, the Press-Enterprise ran an article calling into question the euthanasia practices of the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley (HSSBV). We would like to respond.
Our mission is to prevent animal suffering. We accomplish this in many ways, which include our veterinary services, cruelty investigations, humane education, and euthanasia at no cost.

We do not operate an animal shelter. There are many agencies in the area that work to rescue animals and promote pet adoptions. We do not duplicate that important work; instead we focus on the prevention of homeless and unwanted animals.

This community is in a pet over-population crisis. By providing thousands of affordable and accessible spay/neuter surgeries each year, we are diligently working to create a future where every animal born will have a loving, forever home. That is our mission and our passion.

We have assisted some animal guardians, who bring owner-surrendered, feral, and homeless animals to receive services such as low-cost spay/neuter surgery, low-cost vaccines, adoption referrals, or humane euthanasia services at no cost. These services happen during the day, and also in the evenings, as we’ve agreed to lend support to those independent animal caretakers who also have full-time day jobs.

We have nothing to hide from the public about our policies or practices, nor do we participate in illegal activities. Nothing has occurred which is secretive or clandestine.
Please note that we have chosen to provide euthanasia services at no cost to our clients, so that every animal, and pet owner, may have access to this humane passing when they are in need. Veterinarian offices may charge $150-$250 for this service, plus a disposal fee. Even the shelters have a surrender fee. And while those fees are not unrealistic, there are still people who cannot afford those options. During this most difficult decision, we have chosen to be an open resource for all people, no matter what their circumstances. We shudder to think of the suffering that could and would happen to animals in need if we were not here with open doors.

However, along with offering the service of euthanasia at no charge, we realize that we will have a disproportionate number of clients coming to us. We have weighed the cost against the consequence of not providing it, and have unanimously agreed on our policy, purely for the benefit of the animals.

The euthanasia statistics cited in the Press-Enterprise article were not accurate, and our cited operating budget was inflated. The figure of 800 euthanasias performed per month is an averaged number, representing the monthly total of all such services performed for our clients, due to varied factors such as illness, injury, Parvovirus, elderly status, poor quality of life, the owner could not afford care, etc. The majority of these services were performed for owner-authorized surrendered pets. There were not 500 euthanasias performed in the evenings.

It is unfortunate that the article that appeared in the Press-Enterprise mentioned nothing about the many hundreds of animals who have been placed in loving, forever homes through the work of the animal guardians aforementioned. And it is unfortunate that an organization celebrating its 40th year of helping to prevent animal suffering would be accused of creating animal suffering, because of some misconstrued facts. How heartbreaking.

Despite our invitation to the Press-Enterprise reporter to visit our facility, to speak with staff in person, to ask questions or even film our operations, he declined.
We are proud of the work we do for people and pets in the community.

Alexis said...

I think Luisa and Rinalia are the only ones posting that make any sense.

PetRescuerHawk007 said...

I see you are one of them.
I read the HSSBV response to the Press Enterprise article about the horrible killing that goes on there As usual, they are still lying about what really happens.
Of course the way animals are procured and disposed of has always been secretive, and clandestine.
They don't tell you about their injecting the killing drugs into the beating hearts of terrified, crying and yelping creatures, which they then throw onto piles of other dead and dying animals that still wretch in agony.
The creatures that are being killed in mass numbers are not given the same gentle care or consideration as your personal pet would be if taken in for euthanasia. You would be wise to stay with your pet, or it well could face the same death as these animals get.
These animals are not cuddled, but held in place by their killers, so they can drive their long needles directly into their heart.
What do you think THEY FEEL while they are being thrown onto piles of other dead and dying animals?
Many of these animals don't die for hours.
Would you do this to anyone's pet?
Would you do this to any living thing?
Even murderers get better treatment!!!
Some people claim Ms Hildebrand killing is legal since "she is an Animal Control Officer."
How could she be, Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley, is NOT A SHELTER...
How could they make her an officer, when their own representative, Sue Dawson says they are not an animal shelter?
Killing 800 animals a month takes time. Do The Math.
They probably aren't killing the imported animals every day, so there are larger numbers to kill on days they do their work.
Back in the 1960s, we had a little dog that was gravely ill, and in a whole lot of pain.
We decided it would be kinder to have him "put to sleep."
I took "Pepper" to the Vet that had been treating him. We all agreed this was the best thing for Pepper, as he was really suffering. Nothing more could be done for him.
I laid Pepper on the table, petted him, talking all the time. He was just miserable. Still, he licked my hand.
The Vet drew up the drugs, and injected him in a large vein in his front leg. Slowly, Pepper slipped off to sleep.
Then, the Vet removed the first syringe from the needle, still inserted in the vein.
He looked at me, and I tearfully nodded for him to go ahead and let Pepper slip away. The killing drug was then injected into the same needle already in his vein.
When the Doctor listened to his heart, he said it was still beating. He would have to use more of the drug to stop it.
He said that if the heart didn't stop, he could at some point wake up, and that if he did survive, his brain and heart would be so damaged, that it would only be worse. He injected more drugs into the same needle.
Still Pepper's heart continued beating.
Finally, the Vet said the only thing he could do, was to inject him directly into his heart.
He suggested I wait in another room.
I could not leave Pepper. I had to stay with him.
By now, the Doctor and his assistant were visibly shaken, since this dog should have been very dead.
We all looked at other. He drew up a larger syringe of drugs.
The Doctor injected it directly into Pepper's heart.
Finally, Pepper's heart stopped. We were all trembling now, the Doctor, his assistant, and me.
Doctor told me that he had never before seen any dog that survived the doses he had used for Pepper.
He said he "had to use enough to put down a Great Dane." Pepper weighed only about 15 pounds.
What do you think these animals suffer when they are not even given any pre-euthanizing drugs? What do you think their little minds and bodies suffer when they are being HELD STILL, while HUMANS who they thought were friends, STICK LONG, LARGE needles, (which are probably dull from being used over and over again), is JABBED into their BEATING HEART, while they are so TERRIFIED and SCREAMING IN PAIN AND FRIGHT?

Alexis said...

No, I'm not one of them, I've never been there, just following the many postings. This is what I've noticed from your postings (and I think you are using multiple names). I believe you must be a writer or seriously psychotic with multiple voices speaking to you, because you certainly know how to spin a tale and add to it when you think no one is paying attention any more. People on this blog were not arguing with you, yet when they disagree, or had their own opinion you went on the attack and somehow took it personal that they had a different opinion. Your story here is getting crazier with each posting. (oh, I'm sorry, does the word crazy offend you?)
The drama you are injecting into this story is what makes it unbelievable and insane. you not like that word either?
Were you a witness to these "killings by the masses" how do you know they didn't hold them, or give them a pre anesthetic? Screaming in pain and fright, oh please. Lynn H is now an Animal Control Officer? Now they throw animals on a pile so they die later? I don't remembeer reading that, so where'd you dream up that one? GIMME A BREAK! Can't you see by the extrodinary emphasis you put on differnt words and the CAPS just make you look like a loon? Maybe its a fear of those LONG HARD NEEDLES being JABBED into your VEIN OR HEART that has YOU TERRIFIED OF BEING ALONE, TERRIFIED AND SCREAMING IN FRIGHT? hmm.. oh wait, You probably have some imaginary friends that keep you company, I mean, with all the aliases and all.

PetRescuerHawk007 said...

I just received your post to my comment. Apparently, you are either in total denial about the people who kill these animals or just plain don't know hat you are taking about.
I already stated that the things I put into my comment were things that people who were present for the killings stated.
I also know several other people who have witnessed this same type of killings at other "shelters."
Gee, thanks for the complement about my being a writer. I have always been so into being accurate, that I really thought I must not have any creativity in my bones, at all.
Guess I had better get busy on those novels I have been putting off for decades.
Have a great weekend, and wake up and smell the coffee woman.
Every work in the original Press Enterprise article is true, but left out several things for lack of his being able to document a few things.
Later several of the people who were fired from HSSBV had their say. I will try to get a like for you. There are so many places to follow this story, it is getting more difficult to keep them all in my bookmarks.
Thanks for the compliments on my creativity, and writing, too.

PetRescuerHawk007 said...

Sorry, I forgot to address your thinking I am posting under several names. No, I have no reason to do anything like that. I do as my name infers. I have been after stopping illegal and immoral killing for many years. I should think that anyone who loves animals would also be against the way these and other people procure these animals for killing.
BTW, if anyone is killing 800 animals a month, you don't call this mass killings?
Ten Thousand dead animals a year being killed by people who don't even have a shelter are not mass killers???
Of course they are. Anyone who is killing twenty-five to as many as possibly forty animals in one session is a mass killer of animals.
I just got a phone call yesterday from a woman who had help set up another place in Riverside County several years ago. They at least do have a shelter. But when they demanded that she partake in killing animals, she quit, and started her own 501 (c) 3, to help place animals in need of new homes.
This is a woman who put her literal money were her mouth was, and still is.
Step up to the plate, and take your position. You either demand the animals that are euthanized be handled legally, or not.
Though I really hate the fact that any animal is killed because of lack of sufficient homes, I am a realist. I realize the killings will continue until the pet population can be more controlled through spay/neuter, and getting people to understand they must stop irresponsible breeding of family pets, and stopping puppy mmill breeders all together.

lynn101 said...

I can't believe anyone with a degree of intelligence that cares about animals is wasting their time disputing two former executives, a former vet and multiple other employees all saying THERE WERE VIOLATIONS OF THE LAW KILLING THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS. Alex, Luisa, YOU are the problem. People are afraid of coming out of the closet and speaking the truth because they don't want little brains like yours calling them names. Stop attacking the few coming forward after so many years who are doing something. I give credit to all those who are brave enough to give voice to the little animals being killed for no reason. Did you notice they are stealing some of these animals? and not trying to find owners and telling people they will find homes and they don't. This is NOT an overpopulation problem. These are serious acts there are laws against these things.