Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vegan Eats: Justin's Dark Chocolate PB Cups

Justin's vegan pb cups
This shit will kill you with its peanut butter goodness but not its animal/human exploiting ways
Justin's makes dark chocolate peanut butter cups that are totes vegan for people who love nonhumans! And if you also love humans, Justin's is one of many chocolate companies that sources their cocoa from places that don't enslave little children. Their palm fruit oil is supposedly sourced from a sustainable plantation in Brazil that reclaims land damaged from cattle grazing and uses it for palm trees, with 60% of the land being dedicated to forest.

Of course, I cannot endorse their milk chocolate version because of the whole sad fact that little baby bovines are stripped from their mamas and sold as veal or cheap beef. Calves are too cute for that nonsense.

I love pb cups. I have zero skills to make them. So I don't. I go to my local Raley's grocery store and stuff my basket full of hella expensive pb cups. They are hella expensive because sometimes, being super awesome ethical and cool like me is pricey. It's worth it, because I only have to feel guilty about buying fifty bazillion chocolate items but not about slave labor and animal cruelty!

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