Monday, April 23, 2012

Vegan Eats: American Flatbread

Saw the word vegan and was all yes please

I was walking through the natural foods frozen food section at my local Raley's when I did a double-take, stopped and backed up.

Right into the person behind me. It is my opinion she was traveling too close to her fellow shopper (me), but nevertheless, I apologized and proclaimed, "It says vegan!"

This only produces the desired effect (shared joy) if the other person is vegan. If not, then you get eye rolls and a huffy departure. Whatevs.

I rarely look at the pizzas in the natural frozen food section, because they never have anything I want to put in my body (i.e. vegan). It is so disappointing.

So when I saw the bold faced, capitalized VEGAN HARVEST, I immediately bought five. Okay, just one. I mean, it could have totally sucked.

Pros: This pizza takes only 6 minutes to cook. This is only a pro if you own an oven that can preheat to 425 in less than 15 minutes. Which I don't, so really this was a 21 minute endeavor. I might have been able to cook it a minute longer, but the instructions indicated if I cooked it too long, the pizza would basically dehydrate into a husk. Taste-wise, delicious!

Cons: You have to buy like fifteen of these bad boys to feed two people. I ate a whole one and probably could have eaten more. Which might just indicate I have a problem with self-restraint or that American Flatbread needs to make bigger VEGAN HARVEST pizzas. If you have the name American in your title, you should probably make your servings big, it is the American way, yo. The pizza was also a bit salty, but I love salt.

Suggestion: Buy some and support companies making animal-friendly pizza!

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