Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lilac Surviving, Check

Lilac - another plant to add to the short "have not killed" list

Last year, I bought two lilac bushes for Mother's Day. Yeah, they were for my mom, but she lives where it is difficult to grow lilacs. They happen to be one of her favorite flowers, though, so now there are two growing in my yard.

This is Purple Head, because she is purple and doing well. The other one is White Fox, but she is being antisocial due to a late frost that blackened some of her leaves.

I have a grey thumb. I am working on healing it to become green. Purple Head is, so far, my crowning glory. She is growing flowers and not dead, hence a crown and glory.

Spring is my favorite season. Although my allergies rear their ugly pollen-spiked heads, it's worth it for the sight and scent of spring flowers. Except for my pollen-covered car. Not cool. 

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