Friday, April 20, 2012

Dogs at the Office: Mina Gets Cookies

Cookie time at the office
Mina looks tail-docked because it's moving so fast with pure joy
It was a difficult time when I could not bring Mina and Celeste to work. I hated it and felt like a failure of a dog guardian. While I would check in at lunch, for all intents and purposes, both dogs were left alone for 8+ hours a day for four years (Mina longer).

Now that I can bring them to work, *I* selfishly feel better. While there are cons to dogs at work, I feel Mina and Celeste are calmer and less stressed out when they can be around me at work. I could be wrong. I should compare how they act when they are left alone at home with a little webcam. That would give me a better read than my own personal desire to believe they love being with me at all times. ;)

The best part of coming to work is that Mina gets a bunch of cookie breaks. Celeste does not do so well in pack settings, so I give her cookies in my office only. But Mina loves going to the "littles" office where the smaller dogs are. She loves smaller dogs, but she loves cookies more. Obviously.

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