Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why Didn't Amazon Call Mina?

For reals. If you ever meet Mina, and you should, you will be licked by her. She is the Queen of Tongue Action. She will find a way to french kiss you. Remember what I said about bold-facing. It's actually quite true in Mina's case.

Now, I don't know if the kindle-zest licker is a Pit bull (but I bet she is part Pit Bull, especially the nose part), but she has a pinkísh nose, so that makes her pretty awesome in my book. Not as awesome as Mina who would have been PERFECT for that licking scene. They would only have to do it in one take too. That's how good Mina is.

Amazon, in the future, when you're not selling cockfighting magazines, please remember to call up your friendly pink-nosed Pit Bull Mina for all your kindle licking and/or actor/actress licking needs.

Her head-shot for your approval:
Mina Pit Bull Smile

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