Friday, February 11, 2011

Things You Should Know About Sherman

Sherman wills mina to play

He has left the house, headed off to his brand-spanking new home!

Things You Should Know About Fostering
  • It's hard work! This may seem obvious but it's still hard in reality.
  • Even after only 20 days of fostering a dog, you can in fact fall in love with them.
  • Managing a multi-dog household in which one resident dog hates all other dogs but her sister can be and is stressful. Adorbs puppies make this okay. So do dog-tolerant Mina-dogs.
  • It's fun showing off your foster dog and having everyone love him or her.
  • It's a selfishly selfless act that makes you feel good and helps save a life.
Things You Should Know About AFTER Fostering
  • You can sleep an entire night without letting the dog out, if he is a puppy.
  • You don't have to crate and rotate if you had to before.
  • You can go back to devoting all your time and energy to the resident dogs.
  • You feel happy and sad and then happy again, because really, it's a freaking win-win.
  • You will need a break before the next foster dog, because there WILL be a next foster dog.

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