Saturday, February 5, 2011

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Colonoscopies, a thing of the past? I'm hoping by the time I need one, they will be! A recent study shows one dog trained to sniff out colon cancer had a 95% accuracy rating, just as good as a colonoscopy.

How a pair of dedicated dog guardians helped Lucky, the Chihuahua, get the life-saving surgery he needed.

When Mondo, an explosives detection dog used in Iraq, suffered a back injury, his fate was unknown. The 7 year old dog had bonded strongly with his human partner who wanted to make sure the dog was safe. If the dog wasn't adopted, he would be killed. The soldier's mother went the extra mile to help bring Mondo to his new home - with his human partner, of course.

Dog Bites
A woman who lets her Poodle run around off leash wants all other dog owners to muzzle their dogs after a Greyhound and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier caused eight stitches worth of damage to her dog. That's like me encountering an angry bull and suffering only a hang-nail. I mean, dude, keep your dogs leashed on all sides and PROBLEM SOLVED. I am a problem solver today.

Stop feeding the darn opossums! Dog owners are up in arms, (not literally) over people feeding opossums, and pitting DOGS V. OPOSSUM 2011. Results not so good for the marsupials. Also not so good for fined dog guardians whose dogs - legally allowed off leash - pounce upon the hapless critters. Mina did this once. It was 2 in the morning, yo. She pounced. The opossum did his I AM DED maneuver and Mina freaked out. She ran to me with her tail between her legs. The opossum shook his rump at her and ran off laughing. Yes, chuckling. Anyways, don't feed the opossums. Don't let your dogs eat them, either. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Those poor police dogs, they're having a tough go at biting criminals in lieu of biting innocent bystanders. A firefighter learned this the hard way after responding to a burglary call and getting in the way of an unleashed police dog. The dog, SUPPOSED to chase down the criminal, took down the firefighter instead, causing serious wounds. Or this case in which a woman may not have done anything wrong while walking on public property when an unleashed police dog attacked her. I mean, really? Way to victim blame. The dog was supposed to be on leash, but the officer was all I AM THE LAW and let the dog-trained-to-bite-people run loose and bite people. But hey, the dog released when commanded to. Geez.

A Dogue De Bordeaux bit a woman in the face, causing severe damage. You can't be sarcastic about this shit.

A Shepherd mix "bit-attacked", whatever that means, a woman.

Interesting take on reporting a story. Here's the first story: An infant was bitten by a female Boxer when a fight broke out amongst the male dogs at the property. The infant's age is incorrect and it is implied that the child was left essentially on the ground and attacked by dogs owned by egregiously irresponsible people. I don't know about egregious. Here is a more detailed article. The bite occurred when the child was in the father's arms, and the bites - while not minor - were not as severe as originally reported. The dogs are all licensed as well.

What would Dr. Phil say to a couple who has an aggressive dog that mauls people and kills other animals and the couple refuses to pay for medical bills and doesn't seem to care? What would Dr. Phil tell himself? Who knows, but he is being sued by a former friend after his Korean Jindo mauled her and Dr. Phil essentially blamed the victim and didn't seem to care she had suffered severe bite wounds or trauma during the attack.

The UK is super serious and glitzy about reporting dog attacks. No wonder why they have so many, it's like they won't have news otherwise. This poor swan was mutilated by a dog and had to be euthanized. This is really sad, because swans are awesome and dogs shouldn't maul them. But if you read this article, you'd think three large dogs had literally, not figuratively, "torn the swan apart". The picture of the swan shows an animal with severe bite wounds but still wholly intact. And it wasn't dogS, it was one dog with an improperly fitted muzzle. The owner of the dogs was walking them all with muzzles, but put the wrong muzzle on one of the dogs, such that the dog wriggled out and attacked the swan. There was not a multi-dog mauling spree. But hey two Greyhounds and one Doberman TEARING A SWAN APART is way cooler than a one dog attack that tragically and horribly wounded a swan so badly he needed to be euthanized.

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