Saturday, February 12, 2011

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Another rooster has decided to take on the human scum forcing him to fight. In California, a rooster stabbed a man in the thigh with one of the knives attached to his legs. The guy bled to death.

A woman is a little peeved after her 20-lb dog was tased by police. The dog, an overweight Chihuahua apparently chased down officers and was at risk of, I don't know, taking them out. So she was tased for five seconds, including a prong to the eyeball. The dog is now seizuring frequently and may have suffered permanent brain damage.

This story is so sad on so many levels. A 20-yr-old marine in Afghanistan needlessly lost his life from sniper fire. His bomb-sniffing dog, Eli, then crawled on top of his dying friend to try and protect him from further harm. It was too late. But now Eli has a new home with the marine's family. The kid (b/c at 20, you're still a kid and shouldn't be shot at, dammit, here or in Afghanistan) loved Eli so much and would even include "Eli kisses" on his correspondence to family. Be prepared to cry, if you have a heart that is.

A Labrador Retriever helps a little girl with diabetes avoid slipping into a coma. Dogs can be neat like that.

A Pit Bull in has been granted a reprieve from a death sentence over a 2008 incident involving a cat, in which the animal was killed. The dog has been on "death row" for the past two years. The dog finally gets to go home.

A nice opinion piece in the entitled "Pit Bull Ban: Hard Cases Make Bad Law".

A German Shorthaired Pointer saved the day by yelling DANGER WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! or barking incessantly enough for her family to realize the house was on fire.

Springfield, Manitoba RM decides against banning Pit Bulls.

Haha, just kidding German Shepherd owner who let his dog loose outside a store to attack people, you thought you could get off without charges. Wrong. Sadly, the dog was killed, but at least the owner is going to be charged (previous reports stated he wasn't). Ontario, u r doin it so wrong!

The UK may not take dog bites seriously, but they do take abuse against dogs serious. A man who punched, kicked, and beat his Staffordshire Bull Terrier (WHO DID NOT EAT HIM BACK!) has been banned from owning dogs for life (with a five year appeal), has a curfew for 20 weeks (be home by 7 pm, yo), among other things. Tyson, the dog he abused, is chilling in a new home with people who pet him instead of hit him.

Dog Bites
Toe-biting dogs strike again! If these had been Pit Bulls, the experts would have claimed the dogs were trying to eat the man. But they were Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and they were just helping! The man has a degenerative nerve disorder that has left him with no feeling in his feet. The dogs, apparently just trying to assist in the amputation of his toes, bit off and ate three of his toes. He is still hospitalized but hopefully will recover without suffering any infections.

Ooops, UK police released two Akitas after they broke down a door during a "police incident". The dogs were not secured and then proceeded to maul a man's geriatric Beagle. When the owner of the Beagle tried to intervene, he was nearly bitten and then treed! A local dog walker helped rescue his dog, who was rushed to the vet and survived. But police aren't offering to foot the vet bill! So the man has to sue them to do what is right. Meanwhile, the Akitas have been returned to their owner. I wonder if his door was fixed by police or not. Probably not. That's how they roll.

A California boy is going pure after a dog bite. Pure oxygen, that is. A French Bulldog nearly removed the young boy's nose. Doctors are hoping exposure to pure oxygen will speed his recovery and reduce scarring. Go oxygen!

An English Bulldog was tossed around like a rag doll when a leashed Great Dane picked him up by the throat and shook him. The Bulldog was also leashed. After their dog nearly killed him, the Dane's owners just got up and walked away. The dog survived.

A Cattle dog and mastiff-cross severely injured and/or killed fifteen sheep in Australia. The dogs will be killed for their owner's transgressions. 

A Chesapeake Bay Retriever attacked two children, causing one significant bite wound to the arm of one of the victims and a more minor bite wound to the finger of the other.

The guardian of Peggy, the mixed breed tripod accused of biting a kid and two other dogs, wants her to be taken off the menacing dog list. In the spirit of giving, she believes the child was at fault because he should have just stopped his little scooter when unleashed Peggy attacked it and voila! no bite would have occurred! And she still wants to be able to let Peggy of leash, other dogs being bitten by her be damned! Talk about entitlement!!

A miniature Australian Shepherd caused minor wounds to a woman when he bit her on the hand.

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