Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shelters Doing Good 6

Things shelters or rescues are doing that other animal agencies could replicate! Some may be obvious, others may not. There is no reason to kill medically healthy animals, and these are some ways to reduce kill rates.

Ask for volunteers: The HUmane Society of NW Montana wants help! And they're promoting it through the local media, asking folks to come out for an orientation. Volunteering improves the lives of shelter animals and helps reduce the stress and strain on shelter staff.

Take dogs on hikes:Stray Rescue has a neat program wherein they take dogs at the shelter on hikes IN THE WOODS. Sometimes water. Whatever the dog wants. This gives the dog a break from the shelter and gives volunteers more of an idea on the dog's personality and behavior. You can read their blog here.

Appeal to sports fans: How about them Packers? I'm a fan for one reason: Aaron Rodgers, who the 49ers should have kept but stupidly didn't. STUPID HEADS. The Wisconsin Humane Society is offering a great deal - wear your Packers gear and get $10 off a dog, cat or rabbit through February 6th. Then dress your dog, cat, or rabbit up as AARON RODGERS and host an awesome Super Bowl party in which the Steelers are trounced! This works for all sporting events, except golf. Because that is not a sport, folks.

Do a lot of crazy stuff: Sangamon County Animal Control has seen an 82% reduction in their kill rate in the past five years. That is not a miracle, people, that is simply the result of being creative and taking common sense approaches to stopping the unnecessary killing of healthy animals. In 2010, they killed 192 animals for space purposes, down from 1,077 in 2006. Sadly, most of the dogs killed were Pit Bulls - people adopt them, yo. The shelter has a great volunteer program, works with other rescues and off-site adoption sites, promoting a spay neuter clinic. You can adopt an animal from the shelter or at ACE or at Petsmart or some place called Gander Mountain which I hope doesn't have a lot of geese.

I would love to profile shelters YOU know that are doing good. Feel free to email me here.

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