Thursday, August 7, 2008

when dogs get confused for pit bulls and don't attack

Out of Colorado...this just in!

Rocky Mountain News reports the story of a man who shot two dogs b/c they looked like pit bulls but were actually not. According to this report, the two American Bulldogs attacked another dog, so the owner of the other dog waited a few minutes, got his gun, traipsed around the neighborhood (cuz he was afraid for his safety...interesting) and then shot the two dogs, killing one and injuring another. The article makes the shooter out to be a hero who was just patrolling the hood, trying to protect its denizens from dog-mauling fiends from hell.

The truth? No one was injured. No dog was attacked. The two American Bulldogs were guilty of "taking an aggressive stance" and, instead of calling animal control or the humane society, Clint Jewell grabbed his gun, tracked down the dogs and shot them. Also, he thought they were pit bulls, which according to Rocky Mountain News, is a notoriously aggressive breed, ergo this dude was totally a-okay for shooting them (that's implied, btw).

All of this could have been prevented if the owner of the two dogs had just repaired a hole in her fence. Simple stuff, really.

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