Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Let's outlaw pit bulls!!!

Allen Park, Michigan is on a mission to outlaw pit bulls. Why? Well, Councilmember Beverly Kelley's dogs were attacked by two pit bull mixes. Ergo, ban pit bulls. This is a very logical response, of course. I was tripped up by a pink chair, so now I just stand around uncomfortably, keeping a wary eye on all potential chair-attacks. (Okay, I don't really do that).

The two attacking dogs are a Labrador Pit Bull mix and a Rottweiler Pit Bull mix...maybe. There aren't any pictures of the dogs (which wouldn't be all that useful anyways) so we're not sure who's correct.

Maybe if Allen Park would take complaints of loose dogs seriously, this needless attack would have been avoided. The owners of the two dogs continually allowed her dogs to run loose.

But a pit bull ban? That's a silly response to a dog-dog attack between two really large dogs and two really small dogs. Not to mention it's a ludicrous response to two mixed breed dogs attacking other dogs.


Bill N. said...

Not really a great comparison with the pink chairs. One of our close friends lives in NC. Her neighbor was attacked by two pit bulls owned by a police officer. They destroyed her shoulder and injured her calf. She finally made it to shelter in our friend's home. Bleeding and terrified, she lived. Had our friend not been home, she might not have made it.

Just as a DWI is illegal because it recklessly endangers others, owning pit bulls is an incredibly stupid decision.

The officer put the dogs down and now faces a pretty large lawsuit, while the woman who was attacked is not able to work in her nursing job until she gets surgery on her shoulder.

The officer's 4-year-old daughter may perhaps lose her daddy to poverty because of the suit and he already faces the potential loss of his job.

All because he decided to own a pair of very dangerous animals in his home in the middle of a family neighborhood. Like driving while impaired, making a choice perhaps will have very serious consequences.

So, pink chairs might be dangerous for you, but pit bulls are very dangerous to many more people.

Valuing dogs more than humans is similar to valuing drunk drivers over responsible ones.

Makes no sense at all.

Rinalia said...

Hey Bill,

I'm sorry about your close friend's neighbor. Dog attacks are always scary and unfortunate.

But if your argument is to ring true, then it needs to apply to all dogs who have attacked. Not just ones you don't like the look of. You do a disservice to dog attack victims everywhere by singling out a small group of attacks. Most dogs don't bite. Most Pit Bulls don't bite. This is just statistical reality.

Thanks for your comment.