Thursday, August 14, 2008

A case of Asking for Trouble

Here we have a case of Asking for Trouble.

In Michigan, a woman and her husband decide to take pictures of the intact, loose pit bull on their front porch. In a genius move, they neglect to a) lock their door or b) block their pet door where their cat is permitted to come and go at will. The dog ends up entering the premise, attacking the cat and, when the woman intervenes she is bitten by the cat or dog (she claims the dog, but the picture of the wound doesn't really show a striking dog bite wound).

Here's the rub: People let their cats loose all the time (the dog is accused of killing other cats in the neighborhood). It's okay for their cats to shit in my yard, taunt my dogs and roam the streets killing other animals or getting killed by vehicles. But when a dog gets loose and attacks a loose cat, Holy Terror Batman, call the Death Squad!

I'm not saying this woman's cat deserved to be attacked nor am I saying this pit bull is owned by a responsible person. But it is rather silly to make this out to be anything other than a mishap made possible by people who snapped pictures of a loose dog on their porch instead of blocking their pet's cat door and by an owner who seemed incapable of simply confining their dog.

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