Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh victorville, why must your reporting be so shoddy?

In Victorville, California, a 15-yr-old girl is attacked by a loose dog described as a pit bull.

The article is one of the most viewed stories for the little Daily Press.

Flash down to paragraph 13 for this gem: This is the 70th dog bite reported in Victorville this year and the first dog bite by a pitbull in about three years, according to Hester. Animal Control typically receives 100 reports of dog bites in Victorville every year, she said.

Three years, people.

Out of curiosity, I did a search of The Daily Press' website for more "dog bite" stories, hoping to learn about the 70 other dog bites in the area. I guess Floofie-poo-gle and Lab-a-canoodle bites just aren't as interesting - no other dog bites were reported in that particular paper. I did read a lot about a pit bull attack in 2004, a vicious attack on a child by three non pit bull dogs (who are called in one article a GSD mix & Boxer mix, in another two Chow mixes...) BUT with the necessary "five years ago a pit bull at my tree" news bit inserted, and nothing on any of the other 70 dog bites.

And people say there isn't a media bias? Pshaw.

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