Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All Your Blue Eyes Belong To Us!

Celeste has blue eyes
This eye makes children cry. That's a true story for at least one child.

Another true story. I was looking into what makes a dog's eyes blue when I came across this news - "There is nothing more shattering than to suddenly find a bright blue eye opening in a puppy that by all planning should have nothing but limpid brown eyes."

Seriously, guys. NOTHING is more SHATTERING than a puppy born with blue eyes, not even if the puppy is born with no legs and a second head.Vallhund breeders take this eye color business very seriously.

I have also read that I should be concerned Celeste will have cataracts and deafness. So far, she just suffers from an acute case of Being a Freak. 

In any event, I love Celeste's eyes. She's staring at me right now as I write this, because she knows I'm thinking about her. Or she is just confused why I keep sneaking furtive glances at her.

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