Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A New Direction

You will be seeing changes to this blog in the coming months.

I want to write more about my experiences working for a farmed animal sanctuary, veganism, and my love of all nonhumans, especially dogs and farm animals. This means writing less about dogs/Pit Bulls and expanding to include my other passions. Hence, the title change - For the Animals.

My promise is to share from the heart. Sometimes it will be funny, like photos of Celeste squishing Mina (true story). Sometimes it will be controversial, subjects *I* do not find discomfiting but the general public might. And sometimes it will be photos and stories of the nonhumans I love at the sanctuary.

I wish for you to stay with me, but I understand not all of you will.

No matter what, thanks. :)

Me, with the pack.

Mina's dream comes true

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