Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pit Bulls Only

You know when someone who is supposed to be an expert in their field says something that is so out of left field, you're just like, huh?

Yeah, I had one of those moments a couple weeks ago.

I was told by someone who should know better that "Only Pit Bulls greet nose-to-nose and that other breeds don't do this. And when Pit Bulls do this to each other, they know this is normal behavior, but when they do it to other breeds of dogs, problems can happen."

She said this after seeing Alice interact with other dogs.

First off, Alice is a mutt. Making claims on her greeting style being some kind of unique indicator of breed is irrelevant and irrational. Second off, last time I checked, a nose-to-nose greeting is a normal canine behavior that, yes, can lead to fights when other indicators are present. It can also lead to play. Go figure.

To verify, I went to YouTube, which is about as scientific as I can get for this purpose. Yeah, I know.

And guess what? Lots of dogs greet each other nose-to-nose. Obviously nothing particularly unique to Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls also know how to sniff buts (, for example) instead of nose-to-nose greetings.

Even adorable puppies greet nose to nose! Sometimes they even act like Chloe and hug bigger, adult dogs. This often gets them on the receiving end of a reprimand.

Mina Not Impressed With Hug

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