Thursday, September 22, 2011


Last night, at 11:08 pm, Troy Davis was executed. Despite overwhelming evidence that he did not commit the crime for which he was convicted. Despite questionable witness testimony and 7/9 of witnesses recanting their statements.

I don't care how you feel about the death penalty. Really, I don't. Maybe you think it's awesome. Maybe you think it sucks. But I hope that, no matter what, you know that people make mistakes and people are fallible and the justice system is not perfect. People who committed no grievous crime have been wrongly convicted in the past, and they will be wrongly convicted now and in the future.

Our prison system is a reflection of a society that is deeply wounded. Troy Davis is yet another scar added to our map of wrongs.

Today I donated $11.08 to the Innocence Project. They have helped to exonerate 273 innocent people.

No matter your feeling on the death penalty, the voiceless need advocates. My passion is advocating for animals, especially farmed animals. I speak up because they can't. Those who have been incarcerated, wrong or right, deserve a voice - they are humans part of this sad system too.

If you feel Troy Davis was wrongly executed, donate $11.08.

If you believe our justice system needs all the fail safes it can get, donate $11.08.

If you support the death penalty but understand that new evidence can change a person's fate, donate $11.08.

Do it today. It's a small price to pay to help others like Troy Davis who, in the face of mounting contrary evidence, was still killed for a crime he most likely did not commit.

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