Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Invention: Pocket Pits

True story.

I'm getting out of the car to go into a pet store. Mina is totes sitting in the back seat with her fat head sticking out the window.

Woman: Oh my gosh, is that a Pit?!?
Me: Yes!
Woman: Oh my gosh, roll down your window, I want to see her.
Me: Umm. Okay!
*rolls down window*
Mina: Yo.
Me: Yeah, she's a pocket pit for sure.
Woman: OH MY GOSH, REALLY? Where can I get one?
Me: Huh?
Woman: A Pocket Pit, where can I get one?!? My Pit Bull is like 70 lbs, I'd LOVE a Pocket Pit.
Me: Oh. Um. Hey! There's a ton of these special dogs at the shelter.
Woman: Really?
Me: Yeah, Pocket Pits are only for people with pockets.
Mina: Truth.
Woman: Wow.

If only I had not spayed Mina, I could be making a kajillion dollars off the sale of Pocket Pits.

This would be their awesome ad.

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