Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Celeste's Encounter With A Fence

This could have been a funny story if the fence was wooden and she face planted against it. I would have laughed, Mina would have snorted, and Celeste would have feigned ignorance.

The Story.

The ladies and I on a walk. We come upon a bend where a gate separates one pasture from another. As I open the gate, the girls hear a rustling in a bush. Mina chooses the scenic route, entering the field through the gate's opening.

Celeste is firm in her belief the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Her alternative route leads her to a barbed wire fence, which she commences to ram into at full speed. This is definitely how I know she is part sighthound.

I hear her squeak and, yeah well, I just start swearing. There is this moment as I watch her when I think she will get caught in the wire, and I will only be able to hold her, screaming (both of us, probably). I am thankful this moment passes, because Celeste has gotten free.

She comes running to me and sits. Unacceptable, I tell her. Absolutely unacceptable. Okay, she seems to be in one piece. This is good. I crouch next to her and start gently prodding. I remove burrs and notice a cut on her paw.

Dum dum head's pawIt is about a 1/2 inch long and I think, hey, that doesn't look bad. Then I pick up her paw and the wound spreads open and oh my god, I nearly faint, because what do I see gazing back at me but Celeste's actual tootsie bones.

Seriously. They are very white and really should not be exposed to the world ever.

But Celeste is totally fine with all of this. She is ready to continue the walk.

We don't, of course. We about-face as I frantically use my walkie-talkie to call one of my colleagues. Thankfully one hears me and drives out to pick us up.

Celeste is very excited to see this person, because if she could live anywhere else, it would be with this woman. I'm pretty sure she loves her more than me, and honestly I'm okay with this. In her excitement, her chest starts dripping blood and gets me panicking again.

Mina is also happy because she was getting tired and a car ride seems very nice right now.

Of course, it's nearly 6 pm. My vet is open but it's considered an emergency. Whatever, it is what with bones breathing air and a blood speckled chest.

Two and a half hours later, Celeste is all stitched up. And I've added another $400 to my CareCredit card.

Sad Celeste is absolutely sad, but also just fine:
Dum dum head all stitched up

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