Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween 2009, starting early

Last year, I failed at Halloween. This, according to Mina, was an excellent thing. Mina has been a pumpkin, a cow and a skunk. Celeste has been a piglet (if you click this link, you will get to see a portrait of Celeste as a young artiste).

This year, I had planned an epic ninja v. pirate battle. Actually, I had planned this for 2008, purchased the costumes and then didn't follow through. And I could not find a pirate outfit, so I bought a lobster one instead. For the ninja outfit, I got a kid's costume and my mom rigged it up for a dog.

A pirate v. ninja battle would have been pretty awesome; a lobster v. ninja battle, not so much. I mean, there isn't any real question as to who would kick ass (the ninja, for your clueless people).

Behold, ninja. lobster. epic. 2009.





And please do not think for one moment that these will be the only photographic evidence of Halloween 2009. There will be more. Much more.

Unless my dogs kill me. Rightfully so, I might add.


PoochesForPeace said...

Priceless. So was the pirate costume turned into a lobster...?
Shadow turned into a devil this week, it was pretty spooky :)

Rinalia said...

Yeah, it's at least a nautical-like theme. :) Not quite the same, but I think Celeste makes for a perfect lobster.

A devil, that's a good idea!! Although he looked like a sad little devil. :)

Kembree said...

Ooh I dress my boys up every year! I have a pirate costume somewhere....??..Last year my boys were piggies too!

cre8vekaos said...

Oh the look on Mina's face! You shall surely pay. At least you can get yours in a costume. Mine is stuck with the Halloween Fluffy Collar of Shame.

Oh how we love our poochies!

PoochesForPeace said...

Celeste definately makes for a good lobster! Very cute! Yea...shadow didnt exactly look excited...I dont think she'll be wearing a costume again haha. But Spuds on the other hand gets a case of the zoomies when you dress him up!

Princess said...

What great costumes! I can't believe they aren't rubbing up against every piece of furniture in an effort to get it off...that's what P does.

susan said...

My own dog turned into a devil this week too but we don't have a costume for it. These are hysterical.