Friday, October 23, 2009

Dogs who don't need coats

Mina likes to stay warm during the winter. By winter, I mean temperatures below 75 F. Mina is a wimp when it comes to cold weather. I am too.

I was looking at dog coats. Do not ask why. It should be obvious - I am semi-crazy when it comes to Mina and coats. I feel no shame in this, although perhaps I should.

Nevertheless, I came across a coat I liked which led me to a picture of another coat.

Because microfiber fleece isn't just for short-haired dogs! Now dogs with 20 lbs of hair can be loaded down by an insulated, plush fleece coat!

My advice to dog-coat producing companies? Pick dogs who at least look like they might need a coat.

And in case you were wondering, I really like this coat which is being worn by a dog on a 90 F day. Crazy.


Retrieverman said...

Golden retrievers should never wear coats. They already have very thick undercoats, and if you put a thick human coat on them, they will be miserable.

They are a quintessential cold weather breed.

I saw one in Sedona, Arizona, wearing a coat like this. It was January, but it was 45 degrees. This poor dog was hot. He was panting like crazy, and he was trying to drink out of a fountain.

Goldens usually love it when it is cold. They usually go nuts when it first snows.

Greyhounds should wear coats, but dogs that can safely swim in frigid water probably don't need them. One of my dogs had to be taught to stay out of the pond when there was ice in it. She just wanted to break the ice and go swimming!

Kari in Redwood City said...

haha I agree 100%! Though since my girls were born in Alaska and spent their first 1-2 years there they think of dogs who need coats at anything below 40 degrees as wimps :-P

Kaelin said...

I bought my boy (the 10-yo boxer) his first coat a few weeks ago. Never, ever though I would buy him anything like this. But I'm converted. Especially after the last week during which it's been raining like a hurricane here in Chicago. I'm also hoping that having his haunches and shoulder semi-covered with help his mild arthritis in the cold weather. I got a matching one for my little recently-adopted Brussels Griff. She hates hers. Heh.

Anyway, the brand is Scooter's Friends if you're interested. Unfortunately, while the coat fits around his barrel chest rather well, the circumference of the "waist" part is consequently too long. So I clip it with a binder clip. Other than that, I'm thrilled with these coats. The misfitting is something I always have a problem with when getting harnesses, coats, whatever with Allstar. I probably should have looked online, but there's an awesome independently-owned petstore right near me, and the ladies there are awesome and just helped me for like three solid hours, trying on various coats and sweatshirts on the dogs so we could find the right one, whilst the two dogs plotted my death. It was awesome. Here's the site if you're interested:

Cheers! Velena (a.k.a. Kaelin)