Sunday, March 10, 2013

Police Shootings of Dogs

Long Beach police shot at a dog who was running loose at a nearby stadium. The dog merely ran at officers when they opened fire. Lucky for the dog, the officer had bad aim and did not hit him. The dog - so dangerous! - ran home. Link

Salisburty Township police shot and killed a dog described as a Pit Bull after he and another Pit Bull got loose. The other dog was non-aggressive. The shot dog was dog aggressive and engaged in fights with two other dogs. During those fights, both guardians were bitten. The dog aggressive Pit Bull was shot and killed when he "charged" at officers. Link All the idiots come out in full force in the comment section, whoot!

Officers in Richmond, CA shot and killed two dogs after one of three dogs bit an officer. The shooting occurred while officers were serving a warrant. The dogs are described as Pit Bulls. Link

A loose Pit Bull in Texas was harassed, shot at twice with a tranquilizer dart, tasered 1-2 times and finally shot at twice, one bullet killing the petrified dog. Despite not belonging in that neighborhood, neighbors were fine with claiming the dog was "dangerous" as did animal control...even though no one knew who the dog was or who the dog belonged to. Link

Ohio police shot at three dogs during a drug raid, killing one and wounding another. The dogs were described as two Pit Bull type dogs and a Labrador Retriever. Link

A South Carolina deputy killed a Rottweiler that had stood up. The dog had attacked his guardian (and had bitten previously) and was laying in the yard when police arrived. While the dog did not attempt to attack police, the deputy shot the dog three times with a shotgun. LInk

Maryland police shot and killed one dog who had been involved in an attack on his/her guardian. Two dogs, described as Pit Bulls, bit their guardian at least once. The dogs escaped their yard. Police claimed that one of the dogs became aggressive, so they killed the dog. The other was easily and safely captured and is at a shelter. Link

Washington police shot and killed a dog described as a Pit Bull. Two dogs were running loose, chasing cars, and police were called. The dogs approached the officer in the driveway of their home, when the officer kicked at them. He shot and killed the dog who continued to "charge". The other dog is at large. Link

While serving a warrant for arrest, the suspect allowed his dog to escape. The dog "charged" at an officer who ran backwards and fell down. While falling, and despite being in a residential area surrounded by other officers, the officer discharged his weapon. The dog was hit once and was safely transported to an animal hospital...where he didn't eat anyone. He is expected to survive. Link

Ohio police shot and killed a loose Rottweiler named Lucy, in her driveway. The dog had escaped from her yard and harassed a mail delivery person. Officers were called and when Lucy "charged" at the officer, he discharged his weapon and killed her. Link

Utah police shot and killed a Rottweiler. The dog's guardian was being chased by police, when he rammed his vehicle into another vehicle. While trying to arrest the human, the dog got out of the car and charged at officers. They shot and killed the dog. Link

Ogden police shot and killed a German Shepherd whose guardian had let loose when police arrived. Link

Star, who was shot in the head by a NYPD officer while her guardian lay unconscious on the ground, is ready for adoption! Which is amazing, all things considered. Link

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