Thursday, March 21, 2013

Celeste Likes Freedom

I took Celeste hiking at the sanctuary. She hates it when we stop and I make her pose for photographs.

Weaving, running, leaping, sniffing...those are the activities Celeste has in mind on walks of any kind. Leashes are for losers, she thinks.

Dogs are fun to watch off leash. Truly off leash. I'm not talking tiny dog park with fifty-five other dogs off leash. I'm talking fences can't be seen off leash.

Celeste is the best off leash buddy. She wants me to be a part of her world. She does not understand why I move so slow or don't immediately chase after that rabbit with her. She does not get why it is ill advised to track down bucks with pointy antlers and sharp hooves. She is confused when I call her off the great turkey chase.

I love walking with Celeste. I love watching her stretch, all sinew and youth and muscle. I love how she uses her nose, her most powerful sense. She will root the earth, like a pig, in search of a scent. She will follow strange and curious smells down animal trails. And she looks back at me, imploring me to follow, to be a part of the hunt, the search, the pack. That i never follow the rules must be so annoying to her. Or, maybe she finds me a doltish but charming pack-mate. I don't know.

All I do know is off leash meanderings make Celeste one happy dog.

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