Friday, March 22, 2013

Here is a Survey to Show How That People are Weird

I happen to be a dog person. I like their needy natures. Cats are needy on their own terms. Also, they generally try to eat me when I rub their bellies. I have it on good authority (read, pigs) that belly rubs are the best things ever. I see no reason why cats should hate them.

Cats also use their claws in weird places. Like embedded in my skin. Usually this is a cat who thinks I am a tree to be climbed. This is inappropriate. Dogs don't do this. Or at least they care if I tell them to stop. Cats just tell me to go screw something.

But humans are weirder than cats. Take this survey in which people (dog or cat, I don't know) were asked to share their perceptions of cat personalities based on coat color.

For example, participants (n = 189) were more likely to attribute the trait “friendliness“ to orange cats, “intolerance“ to tri-colored cats, and “aloofness“ to white and tri-colored cats. No significant differences were found for “stubbornness“ in any colors of cats. White cats were seen as less bold and active and more shy and calm than other colors of cats. While survey respondents stated that they placed more importance on personality than color when selecting a companion cat, there is some evidence that they believe the two qualities are linked.

I screamed when I saw this cat. Squealed, actually. That's because I thought she was a scarf. She was sitting amongst the scarves at a thrift store. But she's a cat. According to this survey, she is aloof. I think all cats are aloof. This did not stop me from immediately pawing her with my hand and telling her she is adorable. Then I saw her snaggle-tooth and promptly dropped dead. She yawned. She purred. And then she fell asleep, which I guess goes with the survey respondents claims that non-white cats are lazy bums. Nevermind that she's 19.

Anyway, weird survey. Cat people.

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