Friday, January 4, 2013

Police Shootings of Dogs 12/1/12-12/31/12

Mandatory reading for police agencies interested in addressing this issue - The Problem of Dog-Related Incidents and Encounters

Half of intentional shootings by police are of dogs.

Police Shootings Of Non-Aggressive or Non-Injurious Dogs

A pregnant woman in Charlotte, North Carolina probably regrets asking police for help when she could not get into her home. She thought her husband might have needed assistance and called 911. Officers arrived as her husband finally opened the door. When the door opened, the woman's two family pets - two Pit Bulls - went outside to greet her. The officer immediately opened fire, mortally injuring one. The other dog, injured, ran off petrified for her life. The pregnant woman held her dog as he died. She needed to be treated for hyperventilation and elevated blood pressure (not good for pregnancy) for, you know, having to hold her companion animal as he died from a bullet to the neck. The other dog will be fine. No one said 'hey, sorry about killing your dog!' That'll learn you for calling 911. Link

A Chicago police officer shot a 30-lb miniature Bull Terrier puppy for apparently wagging his tail too much. The dog was not acting aggressive when he was shot at least twice. The dog is expected to survive and the family is suing. Police came back the next day to write a ticket for having a loose dog. Nice. Link

Chicago police strike again, shooting a dog described as a Pit Bull multiple times, but not killing the dog. The officers were chasing robbery suspects. One made it into a home and released the dog "siccing" him on officers so poorly that the dog did not do anything but get shot. The dog is still alive. Link

Port Angeles, Washington police shoot and kill three of five dogs who had apparently attacked and killed two alpacas and possibly other animals. No officers were harmd. Link

North Carolina police are calling it standard protocol to shoot a loose dog four times. The dog, described as a Pit Bull, was - according to witnesses - walking around when the officers shot him/her multiple times, killing him/her. The person officers were arresting should feel lucky they weren't shot too. Link

Orlando police fatally shot a dog described as a Pit Bull as they fought another brave, brave battle in the failed highly successful War on Drugs. The dog was released so the guardian could avoid "drug charges". Link

Willard police shoot two dogs described as Pit Bulls. Officers claim the dogs were "charging" at which point an officer fell down (and suffered minor injuries from the fall). An innocent bystander was shot as well. Link

Hazel crest police shot and killed a Rhodesian Ridgeback who police themselves let out during a foot pursuit and then issued the dog guardian a citation for having a dog at large.

Police Shootings of Dog(s) During or After an Actual Bite Incident

Arundel police shot and killed two American Bulldogs. The dogs had attacked a 7-yr-old child living in the home. Police killed one dog while the dog was still engaged in the mauling. The other dog was shot and killed when s/he lunged to bite again. The child is in serious condition but expected to survive. Link

An idiot dog guardian who raised a Pit Bull to be aggressive (or did nothing to stop him) physically assaulted his dog after he claimed the dog tried to bite a child. The man slammed the dog against a door, to which the dog responded by biting his jerk of a guardian. The man flung the dog outside, where he would eventually be shot and killed by police. The dog had a history of aggression (and probably so does the guardian). Link

A Shar-Pei mix bit an officer and was shot and later killed in response. The officer was responding to a neighborhood dispute and had asked the dogs' guardian to lock the dogs up, because they were acting aggressively. Before that could happen, one of the dogs bit the officer. Link

A dog described as a Pit Bull was shot and killed while attacking a 5-yr-old girl. Link

A dog described as a pit bull was shot multiple times after the dog tore the clothing of a teenager.

Police Shootings of Other Animals

Police in Illinois shot and killed a loose potbellied pig for "damaging" personal property. The pig had not attacked anyone or acted aggressively. Link

Las Vegas police shoot and kill a coyote who had the misfortune of loping about a neighborhood. Police were initially unable to discern the difference between a coyote and a wolf. Hint: One is bigger than the other!  LInk


An unusual update out of Commerce City, CO. While Commerce City police stand by their officer, the district attorney has a different response - charging the officer responsible for killing a restrained 3-yr-old mixed breed dog with felony aggravated animal cruelty. The officer was caught on video shooting to death Chloe, who was safely retrained with a catch pole. Link

Yet another self-investigation by police has cleared an officer of wrongdoing! A Clarksville police officer has been cleared of the senseless killing of a chained dog, described as a Pit Bull. The officer was recklessly running through people's backyard in hot pursuit of a teen runaway. The dog was startled and obviously the officer had to defend himself from a chained dog in a backyard...where the officer shouldn't have been in the first place. Link

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