Thursday, January 31, 2013

Police Shooting of Dogs 1/15/13-1/31/13

Mandatory reading for police agencies interested in addressing this issue - The Problem of Dog-Related Incidents and Encounters

Half of intentional shootings by police are of dogs.

Police Shootings Of Non-Aggressive or Non-Injurious Dogs

A Labrador Retriever was shot twice in Raleigh when the dog barked and ran at an officer walking by. The dog was on his property but it was an unfenced area. Police are defending the officer's actions of shooting a non-injurious, barking dog. Link

Five caged dogs are dead after a police officer opened fire on them at an animal shelter. Selma, California police chief is defending the actions of an officer who shot to death five dogs who were safely confined in a kennel. The officer claims the five dogs rushed him when he opened the gate but instead of doing something weird like closing the gate, he shot them to death! Volunteers are upset. Link

A dog described as a Pit Bull was shot and killed by Boston police after his guardian accidentally left the back door open. The police were at the guardian's apartment complex in response to a fight. They had surrounded the building. The dog's guardian went out to investigate and his dog exited the back door, where he was confronted by police. Police claim the dog was "lunging aggressively". Two officers were injured, though it is unknown if the dog caused the injuries (it is not mentioned). The dog was killed. Link

Update: Three dogs were actually killed, all three described as Pit Bulls. The dogs had started fighting and could not be separated. The mayor is defending the actions of the officers responsible. Link. Two dogs are dead after Chester, Pennsylvania officers opened fire, shooting multiple times with a handgun and once with a shotgun blast. A stray dog had jumped into the back of a pick-up truck and initiated a fight with the dog inside. When the two dogs could not be separated, police were called. Instead of trying to separate the dogs, police opened fire - in front of a high school and a crowd - killing both dogs. Onlookers captured the shooting in video and all appeared to be horrified by what transpires. Link

Police Shootings of Dog(s) During or After an Actual Dog-Human or Dog Bite Incident

A female German Shepherd was shot by St. Petersburg police after she charged officers while they were trying to coax her back into her yard. She had escaped prior and bitten someone. Link 

Two dogs attacked a loose cat who had stupidly wandered into the dogs' yard. The dogs killed the cat and police were called. One dog charged at the officer, and he shot that dog. The second dog bit the officer's boot, and the officer shot and killed that dog. Link 

A dog described as a Pit Bull mixed breed dog was shot and killed after the dog attacked a woman. The dog was running loose when s/he began attacking a woman. A person was able to flag down a police officer who was able to lure the dog away from the woman. When the dog lunged, the officer pepper-sprayed the dog and then shot him three times. Link 

Two dogs running loose in Missouri attacked a person, biting him multiple times. A police officer shot at the dogs while they were circling the victim. AMAZINGLY when animal control officers arrived to corral the dogs, when one of the dogs charged at them, they used a nifty catch-pole device and safely ensnared the dog without anyone getting bit. The injured dog is being treated at a veterinarian, while the other dog is at the shelter. Link

Police Shootings of Other Animals 

Two Colorado officers responsible for the needless shooting of a beloved, community bull elk have resigned. The officers illegaly shot the elk after one claimed the animal "look injured". However, necropsy results show the elk was perfectly healthy. Link 

Police Shootings of Humans
Not a complete list

The Department of Justice received 50-100 letters asking that the shooting death of an unarmed man by a Madison police officer be investigated (like with dog shootings, police investigate themselves in cases of cops killing people). The victim had accidentally entered a neighbor's home and, inebriated, fought with the neighbor. An officer arrived and ordered both men to the ground, but the victim - Paul - approached the officer. A scuffle may have ensued. When the two separated, the police officer discharged his weapon, shooting the victim three times, killing him. Link 

Four months after his death, the family of Salvador Rosario learned more about the events leading up to his death. The victim had refused to take his medications to treat epilepsy, locking himself in the bathroom. Family  members called police. Five officers formed a "tactical" formation outside the bathroom when Rosario "breeched" the door. Despite protective shielding and five officers being present, when Rosario came running out with a hammer, one officer took it upon himself to shoot to death Rosario. Link 

An unarmed man pulled over for a traffic stop was fatally killed by the officer he fought with. Link 

A man was shot to death by police in Woodland Park, Colorado. The victim stole a vehicle and was pursued in a dangerous high-speed chase. When the victim hit an officer with the stolen car, another officer opened fire and killed the unarmed man. Link 

A victim in last year's Empire State Shooting, in which nine people were injured by officers trying to hit a fleeing murder suspect, is suing the NYPD. She was shot twice. Link 

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