Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Police Shootings of Dogs 1/1/13-1/14/13

Mandatory reading for police agencies interested in addressing this issue - The Problem of Dog-Related Incidents and Encounters

Half of intentional shootings by police are of dogs.

Police Shootings Of Non-Aggressive or Non-Injurious Dogs
Oopsies! Police in Colorado shot and killed a 35-lb mixed breed dog after they went to the wrong address in response to a business alarm. They did not knock but instead opened the door without permission and when the family dog went out to greet them, they shot the dog three times, killing the 8-yr-old canine. No worries, though, officers told the family they could "just get another dog"! Link

Police in Lafayette, Louisiana are investigating themselves after two of their officers responded to a security alarm at a private residence and shot to death a 15-yr-old companion dog when they entered the yard without permission. The security alarm was false, a door accidentally opened. Link

In a very sad case, a companion Pit Bull was shot multiple times by police in Baltimore. The officer was chasing a suspect and either entered the yard where the dog was or the dog got out when the suspect or officer opened the gate. One of the dog's caregivers was about to grab the dog - who was not doing anything aggressively so far as anyone can tell - when the officer shot at the dog six times. The dog was hit three times - twice in the body and once in the head. The officer could have easily shot the human who was getting the dog. Police later came back and issued a citation for having a dog at large. Way to go, Baltimore PD! Link

A companion mixed breed dog was shot and killed by Las Vegas police who entered a backyard without permission. The dog was 6-yrs-old and the family's companion. Link

A Fostoria police officer shot and killed a large mixed breed dog (Pit Bulls are medium sized dogs) for barking at people. The world is now much safer without one more barking dog in it. Link

A mixed-breed dog in Topeka was shot multiple times and killed for "looking aggressive". Link

Police Shootings of Dog(s) During or After an Actual Dog-Human Bite Incident 
A New Jersey police officer shot a German Shepherd mix after the dog bit him in the pant legs and trapped a woman in a car. The injured dog tried to attack other officers, who also immediately discharged their weapons. The dog was later euthanized. Link

Kingston police shot a dog described as a Pit Bull after they stun gunned the dog's guardian and then claimed the guardian "released" the dog to attack officers (which all it sounds like is the dog just defended his guardian). The dog nipped one officer on the hand and was shot, but survived. Link

A 5-yr-old German Shepherd mixed breed dog was shot twice by a police officer, once in the face and once in the leg. The dog had escaped her backyard when a police officer saw her running loose. The officer claims the dog charged at him and was "about to attack", so he shot her twice. The dog's guardian has been cited. Link

Two dogs described as Rottweilers were running loose, when one of them bit a woman at a playground. The dog was shot and killed by police. Link

Police Shootings of Other Animals 

A Boulder police officer fancied himself an elk veterinarian when he saw a neighborhood elk who was limping with damaged antlers. So he took it upon himself to shoot the animal to death. The community is really pissed because they really loved the bull elk. The officer didn't report killing the elk and gave the body to a fellow police officer. Classy! Link

California fish and wildlife officials felt that two baby mountain lions posed a public health risk so epic that they had to corner the babies and shoot them to death! Link

10 years ago a man's Pit Bull got loose and bit a 12-yr-old girl. Officers were called to the scene and shot the dog multiple times, killing him. Now, the guardian of the dog has finally achieved a day in court to try and win a case against the police department responsible for killing the dog. Link

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