Friday, November 2, 2012

Rick Berman, Dr. Evil

Every time any animal advocate uses Rick Berman as a reference, a puppy cries.
Center for Consumer Freedom.

If you use these website as valid resources, I'm calling you out. You're hanging with Dr. Evil, folks. He's not a nice person and he does not care about puppies or kittens NOT being gassed or killed. Heck, if Smithfield Foods wanted to slaughter puppies too, Berman would be ready and able to smear all the no kill advocates who keep using Berman as a resource. He'd throw you under the bus quicker than something really fast (sorry, just not that creative, folks).

"Bloomberg obtained the IRS complaint from the Humane Society and independently reviewed tax documents, legal filings and other public information about Berman’s groups. Five independent outside experts contacted by Bloomberg said the allegations warrant an IRS review."

FIVE, people! This isn't HSUS, this is Bloomberg asking FIVE experts and guess what? They all think Berman and Company need to be investigated.

Remember this, people - Rick Berman does not care about animal welfare. I boldly claim he cares little for animals and barely a little for his fellow humans.

He does not care that you want to stop over-breeding of animals. He does not care that you want to improve adoption rates. He does not care about you or your cause.

He cares that you blindly spread his message. He wants people to stop unionizing and animal welfare groups to stop investigating puppy mills and slaughterhouses. He wants your children to have access to 500-oz sodas because, hey, it's the American way.

Find other resources, if you have valid concerns about an animal welfare group. They should be out there. They should come from sources that are reputable and reliable. You can find well-thought out, well-cited rebuttals to any argument, yo!

Don't be the platform for Dr. Evil!

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