Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shootings of Dogs by Police 10/1/12-10/31/12

Mandatory reading for police agencies interested in addressing this issue - The Problem of Dog-Related Incidents and Encounters

Animal related shootings in New York City up 20% with 36 incidents.

In the greater Atlanta Metro area, 100 dogs have been shot in the past two years and in every single case, the officer was cleared of any wrongdoing. Only one county requires training of police officers.

Fort Worth police now undergoing training around dogs after the shooting death of a family pet last year.

An officer in Storm Lake, Iowa used a stun gun on an aggressive dog running loose. And it worked. Fancy that. Dog is fine. Another officer in Storm Lake decided to use a lethal weapon on a loose dog the next day, shooting and killing a loose dog who had been harassed and chased by police for a lengthy period of time.

Police Shooting of Non-Aggressive or Non-Injurious Dogs

Michigan police shot and killed a dog who had previously bitten a child (causing minor wounds) but was not an actual threat at the time of the shooting (dog was on his property and barking).

Nebraska police shot and killed a stray German Shepherd who they claimed "acted aggressively". 

The war on drugs succeeds at killing a dog and garnering a "small amount of drugs". Victory!

Florida police shoot a homeless man and then a dog who jumped on an officer. The dog was shot multiple times and full view of the young boy who was responsible for the dog. Onlookers were shocked.

Oopsies! San Antonio police go to the wrong house and sh0ot the family's dog in the jaw. 

New Haven police serving a warrant shot a dog in the paw when the dog ran outside, "baring its teeth". The dog is fine.

Binghamton, NY police shot and killed a dog during an altercation with the dog's owner...who was also shot and killed after shooting twice at officers.

Tampa police shot and killed a loose Pit Bull who "charged" and "bared her teeth". 

Lake City police shoot a man's German Shepherd as the dog "ran at them". The guardian of the dog was acting oddly, driving recklessly, and would not listen to police commands. Instead of immediately shooting the aggressive man, like they did his dog, they tasered him twice. And eventually arrested him. The dog will survive.

Police Shooting Dogs in Response to an Attack That Left No Wounds

Despite being in the middle of a crowded house, surrounded by people, an Oregon officer discharged his weapon when a dog "attacked" him...and when a family member tried to grab the dog, he was shot in the foot. The only individuals injured was the family member and the dog, who was killed.

Police Shooting Dogs During an Actual Bite Incident

A Georgia K-9 officer shot a dog running loose who had a minor altercation with the K-9, who was left with minor, non-injurious wounds. The other dog was harmed so severely that he had to be euthanized.

Boston police shot and injured one of two dogs escaped from an apartment complex. The dog killed a cat and injured a boy.

Seattle police shot a mixed breed dog who had bitten a girl. Two dogs had gotten loose. 

Indiana police shot and killed one of two dogs involved in a bite incident. The newspaper takes journalistic liberties to state the dogs are Pit Bulls, despite no mention of breed from official reports.

No charges will be filed against an officer who shot a chained German Shepherd.

A family in Florida is suing the city of St. Petersburg for the death of their 12-yr-old Golden Retriever by police last year. 

A disgraced fireman angry at a dog's barking shot and killed the Boxer with a pellet gun. Despite evidence the dog's only crime was barking, the firefighter received no penalties but instead received a deferred sentence of 4-yrs (essentially 4-yrs probation).

Other Shootings

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