Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Would You Like a Mina, But in Boy Form?

Of course you would! Who wouldn't want the most fantabulous of dogs, the Mina-dog?

They're fiercely loyal. They have a confidence that will both stun and appall you. They are tenacious and dorky and challenging. But reap the rewards, people. REAP THEM! Mina-dogs will always look you in the eye when you're talking to them. When they love you, they love you deeply. They also really like food and some of them, like boy Mina-dogs, like flirt poles (sometimes a bit too much, that deep love can have its downsides, yo). Girl Mina-dogs could care less about flirt poles but love chasing the dogs who do. This is an evolutionary adaptation so that Girl Mina-dogs and Boy Mina-dogs would, you know, get it on and such.

But of course girl and boy Mina-dogs should be neutered at the appropriate age and time in their lives.

Anyways, there is a boy Mina-dog looking for true love. He is on the eastern side of this country and his name is Orion. He is being fostered by the most cool Jenni of City Pittie.

Check him out!  or email Jennie and find out more information!

Someone adopt him, stat. He deserves his forever home. You can even start a blog dedicated to him and Mina will leave all sorts of flirty comments! That's a promise, from one Mina-dog to another!

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