Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Story of Impatience

A woman decided that waiting behind traffic on a local highway was just too much. She swerved into the right shoulder lane and started passing drivers. In a frenzy, she then tried to re-enter the highway with the normal folks who had simply waited the few extra minutes it took to get to their destination. She was going too fast, ended up in the middle of the highway, over-corrected, and flipped her SUV several times. The car landed on its hood, trapping the woman's head and her arm between the asphalt and her sunroof. The jaws of life were required to extricate the woman. She will survive.

Her service dog, unbelted, was thrown from the vehicle and killed.

All because one individual was impatient.

This woman could have killed other people, herself. She killed her own dog because she just couldn't bear the thought of being late a couple minutes to her destination. Or whatever motivated her. That will certainly haunt her, I'm sure.

Slow down, folks. If you have companion animals, consider crating or belting them in. This is a reminder that I need to start that up again, having become complacent in recent years.

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