Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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Pit Bull News
A Pit Bull who was involved in a biting incident involving three arguing family members has been spared death in Calgary.

Denver may change it's Pit Bull ban to accommodate the federal Americans with Disabilities Act. First hearing is in September.

Animal activists' start-ups help pets, inspire people.

For the love of pit, former fighting dogs now live as family pets.

Dog Attacks
A child recently mauled by a Husky is recovering. He suffered collapsed lungs, 45 puncture wounds and severe internal injuries. Other dogs can inflict severe damage on humans.

An English Bulldog (that a 911 caller identified as a "Pit Bull") attacked and killed a neighbor's Maltese in an apartment complex.

Two dogs thought to be Scottish Terriers were allowed off leash. They ran up to a baby in a stroller and immediately began to attack him, leaving him with puncture wounds. The owner of the dogs leashed them up and strolled away. Class act.

Sarge, the German Shepherd shot six times by his "owner", who bit two people at the Toledo Humane Society, has bitten another person and must wait another 10 days before heading off to Best Friends.

Three Boxers attacked a man who was out jogging. The dogs were running loose. He needed more than 30 stitches to close the wounds.

People Being Nice
Cheerleaders raising funds and donations for their local humane society (not to be confused with the Humane Society of the United States).

Since 2004, 500 dogs who would have been killed have gone onto new homes through Green River Correctional Complex in Central City's Death Row Dog's program.

A 12-yr-old girl started her own group and is donating proceeds from fundraising events to the local humane society, she's raised more than $250 so far.

While trying to get recognition by the Guinness Book of World Records for most haircuts in 72-hours, the hair stylist offered free trims and donated all tips and donations to the Kansas Humane Society, raising $1600.

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