Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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Pit Bull News

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the UK came to the defense of "her" infant human baby sibling when a large bull mastiff began attacking the stroller the child was in. The dog was attacked but survived. The dog was egged on by his juvenile owners who also beat the dog before the actual attack.

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the UK protected his owner when she was pistol-whipped by invading burglars. The dog was also hit by the pistol but was able to bite and chase the men from the home.

A UK Staffordshire Bull Terrier has been reunited with her owner after going missing for two years. The dog had been stolen but thanks to a microchip, animal wardens were able to bring together the dog and her owner.

A UK tv personality adopted a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, saying that it's the only breed for him and his family.

A woman in the UK is really concerned about "fighting dogs" in her neighborhood after two Staffordshire Bull Terriers killed a loose cat. She was SO concerned about these dogs that she brought them into her home, then her car and drove them around, trying to find some authority figure to take the dogs. They were SO dangerous, SO violent, that they sat placidly for candid photo shoots and car rides. Talk about fear-mongering.

Dog Attacks

Five mixed breed dogs fatally attacked several zoo animals in China. Zookeepers then proceeded to beat three of the dogs to death.

A Labrador Retriever with a history of running loose has bitten a 17-mos old child. Authorities are looking for the dog and his owner.

Police and animal control once again show their ineptitude in Sioux City while dealing with a loose llama. The llama was shot and killed after a prolonged chase.

Screw pacifiers, dead bats are the go-to teething ring for babies in Salt Lake City.

A dog missing for seven years after being stolen in 2003 was reunited with his owners after being dropped off at a shelter and scanned for a microchip, which luckily was traced back to his previous guardians.

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