Thursday, September 17, 2009

When dogs sleep cute but not too deep

Mina likes to sleep on her back. Her two front feet are almost straight in the air and, well, her private area is in plain view for the world to see. Sometimes her head is tilted to the side, jowls flapping down revealing teeth. Her tongue will sometimes make its great escape and get covered in dog hair. She snores this way.

It is THE CUTEST sleeping pose ever and I mean, ever. I have tried every normal method possible to capture this moment. I've kept the camera nearby. I've kept the camera on a tripod looking over the bed with a remote control in my hand. I've considered installing video cameras to prove how cute she is when she sleeps this way. BUT SHE IS SMARTER THAN THAT and foils me every time.

And when I nearly get that perfect shot, this is what happens - I look like a freaking dog abuser:

Pit bull mina all wa-huh?


Beth said...

I have one that sleeps that exact same way. It's pretty cute!

Daisy Dog said...

Awww. Almost! Mine are the same way, I can never get the perfect image of cuteness. They seem to sense it.

Rinalia said...

@Beth: OMG! Super, super adorable. I'm now very jealous that you can actually take a picture of him like that!

@DaisyDog: Isn't that awful? I can get lots of cute shots of Mina but the special sleeping pose capture evades me.

Leila said...

Quizz does the same thing. Usually right by me and I can't get to the camera. Sneaky little canines aren't they. But I got close and posted.

Why do they always look so offended when we celebrate their awesomeness?

PoochesForPeace said...

Good pic anyway! She's so perty :)