Friday, September 4, 2009

Fire safety reminder

I woke this morning to the smell of smoke. Thankfully it wasn't my apartment complex but a grass fire five minutes away. However, the fire was about 1.5 miles from my place of employment, a wonderful sanctuary for farmed animals. The fire was quickly contained by the awesome emergency personnel who were out there from 1 am until, well, now making sure all the hot spots were put out.

Please make sure you have a plan in place for you, your human loved ones and your nonhuman buddies as well. Smoke detectors, 2-3 days worth of food/water, a safe location for you to relocate to temporarily, proper id tags for your pets, an evacuation plan, etc. ad naseum.

The only harm done in this fire was to a barn (I'm hoping all the wildlife were able to get out of the way) but it was stopped mere feet from people's homes and farms.

My thoughts go out to all the firefighters and folks down in the LA region where a 150,000 acre arson fire (that killed two firefighters) is still only about 45% contained. Keep safe, people.

Vacaville fire, mopping up


Daisy Dog said...

Fire is so scary. I live here where the fires are raging. You might like this post, its from my personal blog. But its about my deployment with Noahs Wish because of the fires

Rinalia said...

Hey Daisy, thanks for that, I'll add it to my list of non dog blogs. Thanks for being out there and helping - I know it's hard work, sometimes thankless, and so needed. Fire is very scary; we deal with it every fire season, as I'm sure you do down south.