Monday, August 3, 2009

Tasered dog must leave city

On Friday, I blogged a bit about the Boxer who was tasered in Lakewood, a city that recently banned pit bulls. The dog was not tasered once but twice, the second time while already noosed with a catch pole.

Today, Otis the Boxer is free. But he and his owner are no longer welcome in Lakewood. Guess where Otis is going for a few weeks until his owner picks up his things and leaves the crappy city that is Lakewood? Lighthouse Boxer Rescue. You know, the dog rescue that saves Boxers. Authorities in Lakewood still seem to be implying that Otis is a pit bull when everyone with half a brain can see the dog is not.

This is another prime example of why breed bans are silly little laws that do nothing to improve public safety or reduce dog bites. This will be the second person who has been run out of Lakewood because they refused to give up their dogs and authorities refused to admit they were wrong. And in both cases, neither dog is a Pit Bull (APBT). How is that considered a success?

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