Sunday, August 30, 2009

Problems with newspaper dog bite accounts

And they don't just apply to pit bulls.

Read this story about a loose dog who attacked a small child. Sticking true to its sensationalist reporting the Daily News uses adjectives like "dimwit" and "crazed" and "hulking" (I liked that one) when describing the biting incident.

The dog isn't a pit bull but is labeled a husky. A 120 lb husky.

Now, unless this dog is on steroids (and thus probably went on a 'roid rage) this dog is not a husky, or at least not a purebred siberian husky. The higher weight range for a male husky is 60 lbs.

Or maybe the dog was really hairy, the Daily News IS sensationalist and the dog was really just a furry 60-lb husky transformed into a crazed, massively large canine on a rampage.

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