Friday, August 28, 2009

Pennsylvania SPCA for the win

It was so heartening on many levels reading the articles on the Pennsylvania SPCA and their 2nd Chance dog program. Sure, they may claim it's coincidental that they had a little party the same evening a certain former dog fighter made his debut, but I'll roll with it. :)

Now, I try not to preach too much in this blog about another aspect of my life besides pit bulls that is integral to who I am - veganism. I won't go into it too much, either, except to say it was awesome reading that at the PSPCA's 2nd chance dog event they were serving veggie dogs. It sounds like maybe that was all they were serving and no animal products.

This makes me happy because so many dog and cat shelters, even those who rescue farmed animals, often serve animal products at their fundraising events. It's a bit contradictory to promote a message of respect and kindness while also serving the flesh of animals whose lives were cut far too short and often in a brutal manner. Even more ironic are organizations, like the Humane Society of Missouri who rescue farmed animals, including horses and then turn around and have a BBQ fundraising event with polo** as the main form of entertainment. Props to them for rescuing all those pit bulls from the fight busts, but a big thumbs-down for raising money for cows and horses by serving cow flesh at the event - creepy!

Big thumbs up to PSPCA for publicly noting their serving of vegetarian products at their sponsored event. I think it sends the right message, that organizations who promote kindness to animals don't profit off of the suffering and deaths of other animals. It's not saying you, as an individual, have to change your behavior, it's just saying that if an organization has a mission statement that includes "kindness/respect/welfare" towards animals, it should extend that to other animals who can feel pain, joy and the same types of emotions as dogs and cats.

And thus endeth my little side-soapbox message. :)

I leave you with a photo of Miss Mina with Owen, then a young piglet. Owen spent several weekends with me and Mina at our home. Young piglets must be fed every hour and it was getting to be a bit of a strain for the live-in animal care staff - so the rest of us all pitched in with piglet-sitting. MINA AND OWEN WERE IN LOVE. In the photo, Owen had to be isolated, so Mina couldn't have their long-lost reunion of play bows and wrestling, but they touched noses and that is that.

**Even more interesting is their word change. Their original page said "Polo Pony Sponsor FOUR VIP tickets with BBQ Buffet Dinner PLUS sponsorship of" which, when concerned HSMO supporters contacted them (among others) was changed to "Four VIP tickets with buffet dinner PLUS" No, they didn't change their menu, just their wording.

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Sue Cosby said...

Thanks for noticing! Yes, our Second Chance Dog tail gate party featured veggie dogs and veggie burgers grilled by our fantastic volunteers!