Saturday, April 11, 2009

Three dogs confiscated after "pack attack"

This is what I classify as semi-strange story out of Nebraska. It's not a rarity, by any means, but the degree of Common Sense Fail is rather astounding.

A woman is upset that her $600 dog she was just about to send off to new owners is now less one ear after one of the neighbor's dogs bit it off. These dogs, according to the woman, are dangerous. In fact, the $600 dog has not been the only victim. Three other dogs have been attacked. One died from an (untreated?) infection. The other died when he stuck his head under the fence and was attacked.

These three dogs may very well be dangerous. The owner admits to having them as guard dogs. Now my problem is this: All the dogs were on their own property separated by a chain link fence. No dogs were running loose and all the owners of the ear-less (and sadly dead) dogs knew that these three Lab mixes were dangerous, aggressive, prone to removing the silky, soft ears of other dogs...yet they allowed them to be within biting distance of dog aggressive animals.

I'm not arguing that the lab mixes should be free to bite off ears. At the same time, if my dog fence fought with another dog and got bit in the process, I can only lay the blame on my own shoulders for allowing that behavior. It is unlikely that all these ear-less dogs are innocent, submissive canines who did nothing more than approach three snarling dogs in appeasement. More likely is that all the dogs engaged in some form of agonistic behavior and the one facing the three lost.

Common sense dictates that if a chain link fence is not enough to protect the ears of your dog from the aggressive behavior of your neighbor's dogs - get a better fence. While that will not address the highly territorial and frustrated behavior of the three dogs next door, it may save your dog's life.

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