Friday, April 10, 2009

HSUS and fight bust dogs

It sounds like there may be a glimmer of hope for dogs confiscated from fight busts, especially if HSUS is involved. Best Friends is reporting that a summit of animal protection organizations has resulted in the HSUS modifying it's policy on what should happen to fight bust dogs, including a change on opionion from killing all fight bust dogs (including puppies) to individually evaluating them.

For many years, HSUS has supported a kill-all policy in regard to pit bulls from fight busts. It is an attitude that has been promoted by many animal control and humane societies as well. I remember volunteering at a county animal control for three years - the single most people-focused, temperamentally sound dog I met was a dog from a fight bust. I was told a whole host of reasons as to why, when the court case was over, she had to die. I bought it too, even though my heart was screaming at me that I was being stupid, that it was wrong to kill this beautiful, healthy, people-loving dog. That dog deserved so much better, she deserved a chance at life. Thousands of perfectly sound dogs have died because the animal welfare culture, specifically HSUS, said so, that because they were pit bulls and "victims" of fighting that they had no other worth than the landfill or incinerator. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Well, I hope that time has passed and we can now step forward into a present that treats all dogs as individuals, that offers the same chance at life to a puppy mill dog as much as a pit bull from a fight bust. I can only hope that things will start looking up for these dogs.

Hat tip to YesBiscuit!


EmilyS said...

HSUS: we all agree that fight bust dogs should be individually evaluated.

other HSUS: "we have always been at war with Eurasia"...

YesBiscuit! said...

Oh Emily, you made me choke on my coffee. Bad Emily. Also: Good Emily.