Saturday, June 1, 2013

What's wrong with eating octopus?

Kids always get it.

When I give tours to children and ask them what they think about the veal crate, they never hesitate to proclaim, "It's cruel and mean!" They know it is mean to socially isolate a baby calf and stick him in a crate so small, he cannot turn around.

When I ask kids what they think about eating Patty the pig, with few exceptions, they all say it would be wrong. They see Patty as an individual and relate to her on that level. Not all of them do. Some have already been inculturated at a young age to see certain nonhuman animals as "food". Violently killing other animals has become normalized to these youngsters.

Which is why videos like these make my heart happy. Not merely because it is wonderful seeing a child work through his feelings on whether it is appropriate or not to eat animals, but because he has a wonderful mother who acknowledges and embraces this child's feelings. Too often, parents force their kind-hearted children to engage in behaviors they feel uncomfortable with to maintain the status quo. When your child steps up and wants to avoid violently ending another living being's life - embrace and support them. You are helping a child find his or her own truths.

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