Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Carter Wants a Home

Favor, all y'all!

Would you please share Carter with your social networks? Your friends, family, colleagues?

Carter is the easiest foster dog I've ever had.

He loves people. 

He loves short, outdoor play sessions followed by snuggle time and a nap.

Recently, he sniffed noses with Mina and all was well with the world.

Carter would like a person works part-time (or full-time!) at home. He does not have separation anxiety, but he enjoys life most with his people. And virtually anyone is welcome to be 'his people'. He is very open and flexible.

Carter is blind, and he does not give a damn. His person should not care, either, and should talk to him in a silly voice when he bumps into things so he knows bumping into things is, like, the coolest.

Carter is seven, and so what? Mina is 14.5 and plans on living another bazillion years, what's it to you? 

Carter does not want 1.5 hours of exercise a day. In fact, he would like 15 minutes if he feels like it. He enjoys free time in a safe backyard and loves stretching out in the sun, sometimes on patio furniture, so accept his love.

Carter weighs 75 lbs and everyone but me thinks he is a chunky-monkey, so maybe he can weigh 70 lbs. I dunno. He loves his daily ration of food and also feels strongly that cardboard boxes and tennis balls are the best toys. Carter is cheap to please!

Carter wants his forever home. Give it to him, dammit.

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