Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Two Dudes Were Scared Of Mina And It Bummed Me Out

Sometimes I forget people freak out about dogs and Pit Bulls in particular.

I'm surrounded by people who think Mina is the shit. She gets extra special attention due to her cancer, and she thinks this is awesome.

When we have tours or classes or orientations at the sanctuary and I take Mina out to pee, people are ALL UP IN HER BUSINESS. They want to know why she is so adorable and how she got to be so small. They pet her head and scratch her butt. These people think the fact she totes around a squeaky toy like a pacifier is the cutest thing ever to occur.

So I get a big head about Mina. I think EVERYONE must like Mina. I used to be more of a realist, back in the day when I'd cry when someone would tell me "Watch out, she'll turn on you" or, worse, when I was told by someone in a ACE Hardware store that Mina should just die already. I used to be hyper-sensitive to people crossing the street to avoid my 35 lb dog.

Then I got over it and conned myself into believing that my colleagues, friends, and fellow vegans were the world. And then a couple of scaredy-cat dudes burst into my happy little bubble and ruined two minutes of my day.

Celeste, Mina, and I were exiting to go home. We were all so happy! Celeste was wagging her butt and failing to walk properly on the wood floor. Mina was just her normal kick-ass self, totally oblivious. And these two dudes entered the building and froze, deer in head-lights like. I asked if I could help them and they were speechless, staring wide-eyed at Mina.

Mina, by the way, is staring at the door, because she wants to leave and doesn't give a shit about these two dudes. And as Mina walked nonchalantly towards said door, one of the guys leaps three feet back. The other guy slips into the kitchen in a bid to avoid the 35-lb dog moving at a snail's pace to exit the building.

And while I'm writing about it, I'm not upset over it. Five years ago, I would have been. I would have declared to these two men that Mina is friendly and they should judge a dog by her behavior, not her breed. But now? I just don't care. If a couple of grown men are going to try and climb up a fireplace in the face of a petite Pit Bull ignoring them, whatever, I'll just write about it in my blog so I can laugh and move on.

Because seriously?

Mina best dog

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