Monday, April 1, 2013

What is Carter?

He is a dog, of course. And blind. Big, brown, sweet. Lover of toys and play-time and people.

But I don't think Carter is much of a Pit Bull.

First of all, he's nearly 80 lbs. That's pretty large and in charge.

Second of all, his head! It's ginormous. Not Pit Bull ginormous but mastiff-big.

He has a tiny little underbite. He isn't so broad-chested.

I think Carter is a mutt. But to boost his self-esteem, I am declaring Carter to be a Dogue De Boxer mutt. A DDBM.

People lurve.
Carter is happy to be whatever. I could call him a basil-flavored toothpick and he'd think it was the best descriptor ever.

But he'll probably be labeled a Pit Bull. He won't be welcome in some areas of the country. And State Farm Insurance will be his adopter's best friend!

In exchange for the stereotyping that comes with adopting a dog who sorta resembles a vague representation of a Pit Bull, Carter promises you the following:

To love you. Unconditionally.

Also, he promises to romp with you in the grass and never bite your skin. He promises to play with his toys gently and only sleep on the sofa when you aren't looking. He promises to eat his food quickly and to only dribble his water two feet from the bowl. Max, three. He promises never to pee in your house and only poop on your sidewalk once every other day.

Or, just stick with the unconditional love part.


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