Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Celeste is Weird

I don't write enough about Celeste.

This is a picture of her at a coffee shop. She's acting a fool, because that is how she rolls.

Celeste is the easy dog. She doesn't always like other dogs, but she tolerates them. She is polite on leash and is respectful of boundaries (mostly).

She loves people and does not understand why people do not immediately rush up to pet her soft head.

Celeste turns six in a month. SIX! I have had her for six years. It's hard to imagine what her life would be like had I not adopted her. Well, she'd most likely be dead. But maybe not, she's got great street smarts and is instinctively horrified by moving vehicles. In the rural region of Mexico where she's from, that's really important.

I really do love her. It's a simple kind of love. I love her free spirit. I love how she runs like a fierce coyote. I love that she fancies herself a hunter and appreciate deeply that, so far, she has never caught a rabbit or deer. I love that she loves people. I love her snapping teeth happy face. I love that she smiles at people.

I love that she is a real dog's dog.

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