Monday, December 10, 2012

Police Shootings of Dogs 1/1/12-11/30/12

Mandatory reading for police agencies interested in addressing this issue - The Problem of Dog-Related Incidents and Encounters

Police Shootings Of Non-Aggressive or Non-Injuries Dogs

Commerce city police officer shoots a mixed breed dog four times, killing her. As she was restrained on a catch pole. After he had tasered her twice. Despite the fact she was just sitting inside her own garage. Remember, she was shot to death while on a catch pole. That means she was totally restrained and helpless. Link (the video is somewhat graphic, you've been warned).

An animal control officer in Virginia shot an 18-mos-old Labrador Retriever three times in the head, killing the dog. The dog was running loose but had not actually bit anyone. Link

Memphis, Tennessee police fighting the war on drugs tried to shoot a dog but instead critically wounded a fellow officer. No word on the dog. Link

Omaha police shot and killed a Labrador Retriever mix for "lunging". Link

Two dogs running loose bit a tent. The occupant of the tent, fearing greatly for his life, ran inside his home came back out, and proceeded to swat at the dogs through a fence. Police were called. The dogs "broke" through the fence and "charged" at officers and obviously they had to shoot them, killing one dog. Link

Birmingham police saved the world from lots of drugs by shooting a Pit Bull to death during a drug warrant. Link

A man in New Jersey will be charged with aggravated assault for throwing a Pit Bull at officers. The dog, stunned and appalled, was subsequently shot to death by police. Link

An off-duty police officer was so SCARED of a loose, barking dog that he meandered into his home (after being "trapped" in his car, of course), got out the rifle, and meandered back outside. He waited for the dog to return, then shot the Catahoula mix three times, killing him. Good times. Link

Southaven police shoot and kill two dogs, both described as Pit Bulls. One dog was killed for no other reason than apparently the dog fought another dog (who is fine). The dog was shot after the fight occurred and while in the backyard of a neighbor's home. The second dog broke free from his chain and was shot and killed. The dog did not actually bite anyone. Link

Police shot an American Bulldog who had recently bitten his guardian. The victim was able to get the dog off of him and tie the dog to a tree. When officers arrived, the dog growled, which resulted in the dog being shot - he escaped. Link

Police Shooting Dogs in Response to an Attack That Left No Wounds

Anchorage police shot a Pit Bull who was let loose during an attempted arrest. The dog lunged at an officer when he stuck his hand in the dog's face. The dog was shot, then police were all "gee, sorry" scooped up the dog and took him to the vet. But alas, he died, because he had been shot. Link

Police Shooting Dogs During an Actual Bite Incident

State troopers in Connecticut shot and killed a Great Dane who was trying to defend his guardian who was being arrested. The dog attacked multiple officers before being shot and killed. Link

Murrieta police shot and killed a loose Akita, after the dog killed one small dog and injured a second. The dog did not try to bite any human beings and was shot while running away from one officer and supposedly towards a second. Link


The guardians of a Newfoundland shot to death by police have filed a lawsuit, two years after the death of their beloved companion. Rosie was tasered twice, chased into a fully fenced and enclosed yard, shot once in the leg, then three more times finally killing her. She never attempted to charge, bite, bark at, snarl, growl, or hurt the officers. Link

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