Saturday, December 8, 2012


It's only breaking news because the dog in question is a Pit Bull.

A guy who wanted to get drunk and avoid babysitting duties, left his 10-mos-old son alone in a bedroom and went drinking.

By happenstance, his dog was also in the home.

Some reports claim the dog was sitting outside the baby's door. Others say the dog was laying down.

We'll never know the exact body position of the dog, but thank goodness we are now aware of how dangerous it is to leave a Pit Bull alone with a baby. You don't know if the dog will sit up or lie down.

If the dog was a Bichon Terrier, this would not be news.

Because this is not a story about an alcoholic father abandoning his defenseless 10-mos-old child in a home with no care. Oh no, that would be too mundane. The story is about a Pit Bull. Who may or may not have been sitting down outside the child's room.

That, dear readers, will always remain a mystery.

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