Sunday, July 22, 2012

Celste, Walks, Attention, Fostering

Celeste telling me to move forward more, photo less #dogs
Whenever I have a new foster dog, I have to make sure Celeste and Mina get extra attention and time. Celeste is rarely able to interact with the foster dogs, so it means a lot of dog juggling.

So I do my best to take extra special walks with Celeste. We have a local 900-acre park that is only 10 minutes away, with some great 2-4 mile hikes that are just perfect for me and Celeste.

She gets to feel special, and we both enjoy the outdoors together.

Mina just needs extra snuggle time. I am really not sure if Mina and Kassie will get along, but even if they do it will be awhile before they can meet.

Kassie's heartworm treatment doesn't officially end until the first week in August. They've both been giving each other the stink eye too.

But, I have hopes. Right now, all three dogs are in the same room. Kassie is chewing on something gross in her crate, and seven feet away, Mina and Celeste are just chilling. Everyone's calm and content.

The first time I fostered a dog with Celeste and Mina, it was such a nightmare adjusting to managing a 3-dog household. It would be one thing if Mina and Celeste had uber-awesome social skills, but I can NEVER have Mina and Celeste in the same room with another dog. One growl from Celeste, and Mina is on her like white on rice.

Many dogs later, and I have a system in place that works well, and that allows all dogs to get attention, exercise, and love. Kassie has been particularly easy in that she does not mind her crate at all.

I encourage all of you to consider fostering. It is literally a lifesaver for dogs who either come from hi-kill shelters or who cannot adjust at all to a kennel environment. Plus, it just makes them (hopefully) better canine citizens. I feel like if I can do it with my two dog-awkward canines, pretty much anyone can!! : )

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